Rise of H3, Frenemies and Feuds With Trisha Paytas

In June 2021, Paytas abruptly quit ‘Frenemies’ over payment and ownership disputes.

Paytas and Klein hosted “Frenemies” together for nine months until their clash over ownership.

H3 Podcast/YouTube

After nine months, “Frenemies” in its current form came to an end, with Paytas announcing in a YouTube video on Tuesday, June 8 that they were leaving the podcast, and the final live episode was released soon after.

In their video, Paytas said they decided to leave because they wanted to be more involved with the production of the podcast, and was unhappy with some of the decisions made by Klein about revenue and production crew, who also work on other H3H3Productions projects. 

The feud soon got ugly, as the two posted various videos and tweets back and forth with name-calling, leaked screenshots, and various accusations.

Although Paytas later posted a video apologizing to Klein, he did not appear to accept their apology, tweeting that Paytas had “tried to ruin my life, my reputation, my business.” 

As of now, “Frenemies” seems to be over for good. While Paytas started their own podcast entitled “Enemies,” Klein briefly replaced “Frenemies” with the podcast “Families” which featured his mother, Donna Klein, as a co-host.

After a Twitter spat between Paytas and Donna, Klein announced he was ending the “Families” podcast “to protect my parents from the internet.”

“Coming off my mom’s beef with Trisha, and like, how they’re getting into stuff with people on Twitter. They don’t need this in their retirement, in their old age,” he said. 


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