Robbery victim saved when bullet bounces off Hulk phone case

This phone blocks calls — and bullets.

A Brazilian man was “saved” by a superhero after his Incredible Hulk-themed phone cover miraculously deflected a bullet during an armed robbery. A tweet recounting the Marvel-ous save currently boasts more than 6,000 likes.

“The bullet ended up in his cell phone!!!” posted the man’s physician, Dr. Pedro Carvalho, of the shot-blocking incident, which occurred on Thursday, Oct. 7, in Petrolina in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, the Daily Mail reported.

The unnamed man was reportedly accosted by muggers, who shot him before fleeing. Police officers subsequently arrived at the scene, whereupon the lucky guy was whisked to the University Hospital.

When they examined the victim’s body, doctors found that the bullet hadn’t even broken his skin. Instead, the projectile had grazed the fortunate soul’s hip before bouncing off his Motorola smartphone, which sported a case fittingly emblazoned with an image of Hulk, Marvel’s virtually invulnerable green superhero.

The Incredible Hulk, Marvel’s bulletproof green superhero.
Alamy Stock Photo

The image shared by attending physician Dr. Carvalho shows a spiderweb crack in the phone screen where the bullet struck it, à la the bullet-blocking Bible trope from various TV shows.

Aside from being shaken by the stickup, the patient only suffered a small bruise at the point of impact, per the tweet. He was discharged from the hospital mere minutes after the examination.

Unfortunately, the robbery suspects have yet to be identified and it’s unclear whether authorities are investigating the case further.

This isn’t the first time an unlikely object has stopped someone from getting killed by a gunshot. In April 2020, a woman was saved by silicon after she apparently deflected a bullet with her breast implants.


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