Robyn Dixon Reacts to Wendy Osefo’s Recent Shade

Robyn Dixon’s once close friendship with Wendy Osefo remains estranged. The Real Housewives of Potomac star wasted no time throwing shots at Robyn’s longtime on-again-off-again relationship with her ex-husband Juan after Osefo suspected Dixon was conspiring to bring up rumors about her husband being unfaithful. Though Dixon was not the culprit of bringing the rumors to the show as part of Season 6’s storyline, Osefo feels she’s guilt by association for not putting her BFF and co-star Gizelle Bryant in her place for spreading the false information.

In recent episodes, Osefo unleashed on both Dixon and Gizelle, using their past relationships as a weapon. Gizelle’s failed relationships have been a major area of shade on the show. She reconciled with her cheating ex-husband Jamal during Season 4 before calling it quits again ahead of the Season 5 premiere. Per Gizelle, the split was due to them being unable to maintain a long-distance relationship amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But her co-stars and viewers of the show believe the split was due to additional rumors of Jamal being a philanderer. There was also speculation that Gizelle faked the relationship for the show.

In one scene, Osefo told Robyn, “You don’t even have a relationship to even care about,” referring to Robyn’scurrent engagement to Juan. Juan and Robyn divorced after Juan’s infidelity was discovered and due to financial issues. While Juan has dated other people, Robyn has not. The two continued living together for the sake of their two children and eventually reconciled but many believe Juan is simply settling.

As far as what Osefo told Gizelle, she believes Gizelle’s failed romantic relationships is “God paying her back” for constantly meddling in others’ relationships. 

In a recent chat with The Jasmine Brand, Robyn made it clear she doesn’t take Osefo’s comments lightly. 

“I recently saw that clip and it’s so unfortunate that she chooses to use our divorces or unsuccessful relationships to insult us with,” she said. “I mean I’m sorry like 50 percent of America or people have gone through difficult relationships. And I really hope her relationship stays perfect because life is hard. Life is not perfect. And so to use that as some sort of insult or a dagger, it’s really not becoming of her.”

Robyn has been open about feeling Osefo’s comments caught her off guard. Especially because she says she’s never uttered a negative word about Osefo’s marriage. Furthermore, Robyn says Osefo’s comments are eye-opening considering Osefo was the most supportive of her and Juan getting re-engaged.

“And honestly, as far as what I saw in that scene, I didn’t say anything about her relationship,” she continued. “I said…I guess whatever I said was I don’t believe it. So I don’t even understand why she would come at me like that because I never talked down on her relationship. It’s unfortunate. I think people play up to the fans. They want to say stuff to be shady and mean. But at the end of the day, we have to move forward and be friends. So when you see friends saying stuff like that, it’s like, wow. You’re showing who you really are.”

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