‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Walk on the Ocean”
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‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: “Walk on the Ocean”

Heather Hemmens as Maria DeLuca, Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, and Lily Cowles as Isobel Evans-Bracken in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico season three episode four gives fans of Max and Liz a brief moment of happiness before ripping it away. Liz (Jeanine Mason) is seated on the beach when Max (Nathan Dean) arrives, declaring he couldn’t stay away. Of course it’s just a dream…but for one second it seemed so real.

In reality, Jones (also Nathan Dean) has escaped his cage, made it to Max’s place, and is busy shaving off his beard. Makeover accomplished, he goes through Max’s private writings and absorbs everything he needs to know. Jones uses his powers to open Max’s safe and takes out his gun. He smiles at a photo of Isobel and Noah, and then looks at a drawing accompanied by a question about the “alighting.”

Isobel (Lily Cowles) wants to work as a guide to help Maria (Heather Hemmens) access details of the funeral, along with a little help from a drug. They need to do this now because the fire’s almost out which means the murder will happen soon.

They dose up and Isobel joins Maria in her vision which, as it turns out, contains items from Isobel’s mind too. That makes sorting things out confusing as Liz points out while serving them piña coladas at the bar. When Maria asks to be shown the psychic vision section, Liz says Maria’s unconscious mind buried it because it’s so unsettling.

Liz explains everyone in this vision represents a hidden truth. She’ll need to confront each person in order to access her vision.

They spot a young girl practicing karate and Isobel confirms that’s part of her dream to open a self-defense school. Once she takes ownership of that vision, the girl vanishes.

Liz claims that was the easy part.

Next, Isobel spots Bronson (Gaius Charles) in a booth with her mom, Louise (Cassandra Jean Amell), and Liz wants her to explain their appearance in this vision. Isobel claims she has nothing to hide. Their attention turns to Max and his identical twin in a booth playing cards and Isobel’s forced to reveal Max is a clone. She explains they found Jones in a cave and still aren’t sure if he’s good or bad. When Isobel adds that he’s currently locked in a cage, Maria is shocked. Isobel clarifies that he’s only been in a cage a week; he spent the other 51 weeks of the previous year in a pod.

Isobel admits their moms were afraid of Jones, but she can feel he’s telling the truth when he says he cares about Max. She also admits he feels like family – and with that Max and Jones disappear from the booth.

They continue to work their way through the people who populate the vision, and Maria confesses that being neither completely human nor completely alien makes her feel lonely. Isobel understands how Maria’s feeling and promises to do a better job of including her.

Roswell New Mexico Season 3 Episode 4
Michael Trevino as Kyle Valenti in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 3 episode 4 (Photo: John Golden Britt © 2021 The CW Network, LLC)

Sheriff Taylor (Gillian Vigman) delivers a speech claiming she’s all about law and order. Bert (La’Charles Trask) asks how she’s planning on handling the recent racial attacks and she declares she’s going to get to the bottom of it. Taylor says black lives matter as do brown, red, white, etc., etc., etc. She even adds green to the mix since they’re in Roswell.

Bert isn’t buying it and neither is Kyle (Michael Trevino).

Elsewhere, Rosa (Amber Midthunder) is interrupted by Wyatt (Dylan McTee) while she’s spraying art on the side of a building. He asks about the woman she’s painted and recognizes the quote surrounding it is from Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem.” Wyatt confesses he still can’t remember his life but thinks something bad happened to his sister. He asks Rosa about it and she claims she doesn’t know anything.

Kyle pays a visit to Michael (Michael Vlamis) to find out why his dad’s old radio played something strange. Michael refuses to help and Kyle places the radio in front of Michael’s face to get his full attention. Michael’s turquoise stone causes the radio to broadcast once again.

Kyle confirms it’s his dad’s voice reacting to Michael’s magic rock. Kyle admits he knows about Jones but didn’t know anything about magic pebbles, and Michael explains it amplifies chemical properties of anything with a current.

Michael opens the radio and discovers alien glass inside. The glass is cracked which will take a while to fix, and Michael wonders why Kyle’s dad hid it in a broken radio in the first place.

The radio features a carving that reads: “In times of trouble let this be your guide”

Michael gets to work on the glass with Kyle’s assistance. He discovers the alien glass makes the radio a transmitter and a receiver and wonders who’s on the receiving end of the messages.

Once the glass is mended, his lab shakes like an earthquake has hit and then the glass activates. A message from Kyle’s dad begins playing and it’s revealed the Valentis have chosen to protect the “others” since the crash in ’47. The Valentis believed they needed to help others who were being persecuted, however Kyle’s dad has come to believe they were wrong.

The recording instructs Kyle to walk away before it’s too late. He doesn’t want Kyle to “make a sacrifice no more Valentis should make.”

Kyle helps Michael clean up after the quake, and Michael corrects him when he calls the place Guerin Grotto. “First of all, it’s a lair. Second, I’m pretty sure your dad told you to get the hell out of here,” says Michael.

Michael reminds Kyle he’s supposed to get far away, according to his dad. Kyle refuses and Michael becomes angry, admitting he’s as incapable of flying in a ship to his other planet and helping out in a war that’s probably over as Kyle is in helping them. Kyle remains undeterred and refuses to just walk away.

Their argument’s put on hold when Kyle receives a text about a medical emergency at the Lopez Farm. Before he takes off, Kyle suggests Michael quit feeling sorry for himself and talk to Jones to get some much-needed answers.

Wyatt and Rosa chat over coffee and Rosa asks about his relationship with Rosa, which sounds utterly confusing now that I’ve typed that. (Remember, Wyatt thinks this woman is Rosa’s cousin, Rosalinda.) Apparently, Rosa and Wyatt were friends at some point and even shared a love of Nirvana and art.

Their quiet talk’s interrupted by Jordan Bernhardt (Michael Grant Terry) and his minion Zeke (Zacciah Hanson) being tossed from the Take Me to Your Latte shop. When Wyatt tries to get them to leave, Jordan suggests he ask Rosa what happened to his sister. Wyatt explains Rosalinda doesn’t know and his ex-friends are happy to tell him Rosa killed Kate.

Liz is back in LA and attends a party thrown by Genoryx in her honor. Heath (Steven Krueger) tries to lure her back inside to join the celebration and learns Liz has the special spores in her bag but hasn’t done anything with them. She confesses she’s not sure she’s supposed to be in LA working for Genoryx. If she discovers anything important with the spores, Genoryx will own her research.

Heath escorts Liz over to a club with an empty dance floor. He jokes that it’s a good thing as there’s more room for them to show off their moves. The sparks fly as Jeanine Mason’s skills on the dance floor remind us she started her television career on So You Think You Can Dance.

After the number ends, Heath explains he’s there for her and willing to help her do research off book, if that’s what she wants. He’ll even have his friend set up all the necessary firewalls and protections they need for them to work from her home.

Catching up with Jones…the escaped alien’s reading Tripp’s journal and learns it’s been assumed he’s pure evil and the devil. He becomes angry and fires off Max’s gun, accidently hitting a poor, innocent dog in the hip.

Jones is a lot of things but he’s not a dog hater. He heals the dog’s wounds and names him Lucky. The twosome return to the cave where Max is now inside the cage and Jones deactivates it. He then touches Max, determined to show him who he really is.

A flashback shows Jones demanding Louise turn over the boy. She refuses to do so.

Jones reactivates the cage after the flashback and uses his alien skills to break into Kyle’s office. He finds Max’s chart and learns he’s in late-stage heart failure.

Kyle arrives at the Lopez Farm and discovers Jordan Bernhardt and Zeke beat Mr. Lopez. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez refuse to go to the hospital because they’re undocumented and only called Kyle because his mom used to take care of them. They don’t have anyone else to turn to.

Michael’s ready to finally have a one-on-one with Jones but finds Max occupying the cage instead. He revives Max and both realize Jones is on the loose. They head over to Max’s and finds Jones playing a harmonica and making himself at home. Max warns Michael that Jones is stronger than any of them, but Michael’s not worried about fighting someone with Max’s face.

With a flick of his wrist Jones disarms Michael and gets down to business. He understands why they don’t trust him and confesses he’s come to learn Max is a good, decent man. He deserves a healthy life and knows Max is dying. “Will you trust me enough to let me heal you?” asks Jones.

Max doesn’t think Jones is strong enough to do that, but Jones points out Lucky is just fine. Jones insists he’s okay with dying if it means Max is healed.

Max remains unconvinced and Jones offers to show him the rest of his memories from the ‘40s. Michael doesn’t want him to but Max knows memories can’t be faked.

Another flashback finds Jones in the cave looking at the turquoise stones and an empty pod. He leaves the cave and demands to know where Louise has taken his boy. She admits they moved him and that they were using the stones to fix him. Jones is in tears as he describes them as two halves of a whole; he claims he wants to do what’s right.

An alien sword fight breaks out and Jones is able to disarm Louise. Unfortunately, he didn’t anticipate Bronson shooting him.

Max is yanked out of the flashback with a better understanding of Jones. Jones is okay with returning to his cage and continues to insist he wants to heal Max.

Michael and Max take Jones back to the cage, and Jones asks to keep the harmonica. Max describes what he saw in Jones’ memories and confirms Jones was hunting Nora and Louise but only to save him – not to hurt either woman. Jones thinks of him like a son and felt pain when they locked him away in the pod.

Max is still confused and unsure about letting Jones heal him. Michael remains distrustful but isn’t sure of his own motivations. Is it because Jones revealed things about his mom he didn’t want to know? Maybe.

Michael says he’ll back Max’s decision, no matter what.

The café’s closed when Wyatt pays Rosa a visit. He explains he googled himself and discovered he was a racist prior to losing his memory. Rosa confirms that’s true and that Wyatt shot up the diner and attacked Arturo. She also confesses she doesn’t understand why he’s different now but is sympathetic to his plight having recently gone through rehab to heal herself. She believes people are capable of changing. Wyatt apologizes for his past actions and Rosa doesn’t take responsibility but does apologize for his sister’s death.

Liz shocks Heath by deciding the best thing to do is resign from Genoryx. Heath wants her to think it through before she submits her resignation, but Liz is certain this is the best option. Heath seems more upset than he should be as Liz explains she has people she cares about and should have put her faith in. She hits send and it’s a done deal.

Isobel and Maria have made it through their fears and finally enter the funeral vision. It’s still blurry, but Isobel is seated next to Maria in the vision and says they’ll work through this together. They both turn to look as Bert talks to Michael about the sheriff. That means it’s definitely not Michael’s funeral.

Jordan confronts Kyle as he’s on his way to speak with Sheriff Taylor.

Isobel and Maria watch Rosa hug her mom from the front row of the funeral. Maria realizes this could be Liz’s funeral. Max stands at the podium but is overcome with emotion and unable to speak. He returns to his seat just as Liz rushes in. So, it’s not Liz’s funeral either!

Jordan attacks Kyle, calling his mom a bitch and swearing he’ll make his job more difficult. Punches are thrown and Kyle’s on the receiving end of most of them.

Isobel and Maria approach the coffin, move the flowers on top, and uncover the Valenti coat of arms. OH NO THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!

Jordan pushes Kyle and Kyle’s impaled through the stomach. He chokes up blood as he struggles to breathe. (I refuse to believe everyone’s sounding board, the man who puts all others before himself, is about to die.)

A pool of blood expands at Kyle’s feet.

Max is on the phone with Isobel when he pulls to a stop feet from Kyle. He confirms he’s found him and that he needs an ambulance immediately. As Max approaches Kyle, the lights on Max’s Jeep flash on. In LA, Liz becomes lightheaded and feels pain where Max left his handprint. Lightbulbs explode around Liz’s house and the handprint lights up as she collapses.

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