Roulette for Beginners: Why Common Draw is Good

Roulette has become a staple of casinos and is among the most beloved games in the world. It has featured countless times in movies and is even understood at a basic level by children. Many aspects of roulette have entered into everyday culture, such as the red or black bet. The game has also changed, with famous variants including European, French, and American. All these roulette types share much in common, but also have important differences. 

Like other casino classics, roulette made a successful transition to the online world and now we can play this game whenever and wherever we want. If you are a beginner doing some NJ gambling and looking for an excellent roulette game, you should look no further than Common Draw Roulette. This variant of the standard European Roulette game is powered by the developer’s Amaya software and is among the smoothest roulette experiences online. 

Core Game Features

Before continuing, it is probably wise to explain what Common Draw Roulette is. This is essentially a European Roulette game, albeit with a multiplayer twist. However, to play this game, all you need to do is understand European Roulette. The simplicity of the game is probably its biggest strength, it allows relative novices to start playing in seconds. 


European Roulette differs from its American counterpart because there is only one zero (0) on the wheel, whereas American Roulette houses two zeros. This is important because it gives you a slightly better chance of winning. The rest of the wheel features 36 number (1-36).

As usual, there are 36 numbers and a green zero laid out on the table and you can place bets on any of these individually. It is also possible to place chips crossing the lines of these numbers. For example, if a chip sits across the numbers 14 and 13, the bet will be split in half across the numbers. Four number splits are where a chip sits where four numbers meet in a cross. Bets can also be made on group spreads, such:

Spread  Description
High Numbers 19 to 36
Low Numbers 1 to 18
Red  All red numbers on game table
Black All black numbers on game table
First 12 Numbers 1 to 12
Second 12 Numbers 13 to 24
Third 12  Numbers 25 to 36
First Line  Numbers 3 to 36 across the top line of table
Second Line  Numbers 2 to 35 across the middle line of table
Third Line Numbers 1 to 34 across bottom line of table
Even All even numbers on game table
Odd  All odd numbers on game table

Those who play a lot of online roulette will know how complicated bet spreads can be. This can be from playing a well-known strategy or simply getting funky with your favorite numbers, such as your dog’s birthday. All roulette aficionados will be familiar with the racetrack, which sits above the game table in this version. All the known bets are available from the track, such as Call and Neighbor wagers. 

With a classic game set up, common draw roulette is becoming among the favorites amongst beginners at online casinos. 

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