Royal Expert Explains Why Prince Charles Could Give Up The Throne

Princess Diana’s former voice coach, Stewart Pearce, spoke with Daily Star to explain why he believes Prince Charles may choose to step aside from the “difficult task” of being England’s next monarch and pass the throne to Prince William. Explaining that, after Queen Elizabeth, “the whole psycho-physical nature of monarchy will change,” Pearce speculated that Charles “may not take the throne,” and that it would come as no surprise to the royal family because “William has been part of the conversation since his 11th or 12th year, he’s been groomed.” Adding that William’s “prime motive is duty,” Pearce noted that the Duke of Cambridge would rule with one goal in mind: “Support of heritage and tradition as an iconic status for the British people to have something to refer to, in the way that Her Majesty has been this iconic statement for over 70 years.”

If Charles does choose to step aside, however, he’ll need to get parliament involved. As the University College London’s Constitution Unit explained in a blog post, the law dictates that he will “automatically” become king following his mother’s death and, in order to hand the throne to Prince William, he’ll have to formally abdicate. That would “require legislation” because “the line of succession is regulated by parliament [and] it can be changed only by parliament and cannot be unilaterally altered by the monarch of the day.” Because of that (and the fact he’s waited 70+ years), they speculate he may rule for a while before abdicating.


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