Royal Family Bracing For Disastrous Meeting With Meghan Markle, Prince Harry?

Is the royal family preparing for a tense reunion? One tabloid claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s plans for Lilibet’s christening are setting the stage for a major showdown. Let’s check in on the Sussexes’ travel plans.

Meghan Markle Returning To UK With ‘Shocking Plan’?

Last month, In Touch reported Lilibet’s christening is causing a major stir in the royal family. The magazine reveals that Queen Elizabeth has been stressed over the news that her grandson and his wife are planning to visit the UK. An insider dishes, “Prince Harry is returning to Britain, and this time his wife is coming with him,” adding, “Meghan’s back!” The Sussexes have reportedly requested the queen’s blessing to give Lilibet a royal christening, and the queen “has reluctantly agreed.”

The insider goes on, “She wants to meet Lili, but she and everyone else are questioning Harry and Meghan’s motivation after they’ve said such cruel things about the family in recent months.” The way it looks right now, the upcoming christening “has all the makings of being a disaster,” the tipster remarks. “But that hasn’t stopped them. They’re flying to London even though they didn’t receive a formal invitation!”

And Markle is apparently making the trek back to the UK for other reasons, too. “She wants Archie and Lili to have titles and is hoping Harry can convince the queen to make that happen because he’s demanding it, too.” According to the report, Markle is on a mission to get her children the titles that were denied to them before leaving the UK. “The royal staff are terrified, because wherever Meghan goes, drama seems to follow. But whether they like it or not, she’s back.”

Royal Family Preparing For Christening ‘Showdown’?

After Harry’s summer visit to the UK for the Princess Diana memorial unveiling, rumors swirled that he intended to return to his home country to christen his daughter, Lilibet. Months of speculation followed, but the public didn’t hear a word from the royals about it. But most recently, a source told the Telegraph, “There will not be a christening in the UK. It is not happening.”

But the word of dubious sources aside, we have to remember one thing: Harry and Markle have not confirmed their intentions to christen Lilibet in the UK. Lilibet’s royal christening is purely a rumor. And this report about a royal “showdown” only serves to further muddy already-murky waters surrounding the event. While we have no idea when, where, or even if the Sussexes plan to christen their daughter, neither does this magazine.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught In Touch misleading its readers when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Not too long ago, the tabloid claimed Markle had a huge crush on Prince William before meeting Harry. Then the magazine alleged Prince Harry was begging Markle to stop spending money. And more recently, the outlet reported Markle and Harry had a “nasty fight” during their recent NYC trip. In Touch can’t be trusted when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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