Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker Were Reportedly To Be Gay Following Their Shortest Marriage Record

Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker, two of the most prominent Hollywood sensations, have been in the limelight for their phenomenal acting skills. However, recently the pair grabbed the attention of the audience due to their notorious short marriage and staggering controversies related to their sexual orientation.

There are tons of Guinness World Records, but have you ever heard of a record for the shortest marriage in the world? Yes, the famous Hollywood stars, Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker had the shortest marriage world record under their belts.

The couple was married back in 1919. However, they eventually broke up during the evening party. Their marriage appeared to be pretty confusing, and the fans raised several questions about their sexual orientation. Rumors started floating around as, before their marriage, Acker had a close relationship with women.

A Close Look Into Jean Acker and Rudolph Valentino’s Life

In his early life, Valentino has a serious relationship with Alla Nazinoma. However, they soon broke up and Valentino ultimately met Acker, whom he was married to.

Acker in her early life too broke up with Grace Darmond. However, destiny has its own plans, as Valentino and Acker met at a party and fall for each other. Then started their dating session and ultimately after two months, Valentino proposed to Acker and she too had similar feelings.

However, later news popped out that Acker, out of her rage on Darmond, accepted Valentino’s proposal. The duo exchanged wedding rings in a private wedding ceremony. But soon, controversies and fights surrounded them. As per reports, on the wedding evening, Acker confessed to Valentino that she faked the marriage to take revenge on Dramond and it was her mistake. She cried too much and did not spend the night with her new husband. But, ultimately, her love for Darmond dragged Acker to his arms.

Rudolph’s Sexuality¬†

Rumors and stories covering Rudolph, the “Sheik” actor’s sexual orientation, was portrayed by his alleged sex partner, Samuel Steward. Back in 2010 some of Steward’s items, more specifically some alphabetized records depicting the people he had physically interacted with, were discovered. However, in a card section, sexual paraphernalia which has connections with the “Blood and Sand” actor was spotted.





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