RuPaul has some strong words for people who refuse to wear masks on planes

RuPaul had an epic takedown of people who refuse to wear face masks on aeroplanes.

In a speech on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Drag Race host, who is guest hosting the show, slammed people who are “unruly” and fight on flights and said he had some “rules for the unruly”.

He said: “If you don’t own the plane, you don’t make the rules.

“That’s right. So, put your mask on, watch the ‘Boss Baby’ and shut the f**k up, bitch!”

That’s them told.

As well as people who don’t wear masks, he criticised people who drink too much on planes and said people “shouldn’t have more drinks than there are flight attendants.” He also said people need to “keep their emotional baggage” to themselves, as well as making sure their actual luggage is neatly tucked in storage.

“People need to be told,” he added.

It comes after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that there had been nearly 4,000 reports of unruly passengers this year, with nearly 3,000 of them related to people refusing to wear masks. That was up from just 146 unruly passenger reports in 2019.

RuPaul certainly didn’t approve of the news and wasn’t afraid to let those who engage in bad behaviour know exactly what he thought of them. Let’s hope his message makes a difference.

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