RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney gets bizarre birthday message from Kim Woodburn

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner Lawrence Chaney was told ‘not to be a little b**ch’ by Kim Woodburn in a bizarre birthday video sent to them by fans.

A couple of Scots born Lawrence’s favourite followers asked Kim to record a Cameo video for Lawrence with her outspoken message which also warned the drag queen not to be an adulterer.

Kim, said in the video which Lawrence later posted to Twitter: “Hello Lawrence Chaney. Congratulations are in order aren’t they, my love.

“Yes Lawrence Chaney because you were the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

“Well done. Now that’s achievement because you had stiff competition. You must be good,. Well done. I hope we meet sometime.

“I hear from Jay and Alicia its your 25th birthda.y. All the best my love for your birthday. You’ve got a good celebration as the winner.

“Now listen here. I’m going to just say this, Lawrence. I don’t want to dampen anything. It may be your birthday.

“It may be your birthday, my love but don’t be a little b**ch dear.

“Some people on their birthday, they think gives them the right to do and say and behave as they want because ‘it’s my birthday’, So don’t start with it dear.

Lawrence Chaney ‘Drag Queen of Scots’ was told not to be ‘a little b**ch’ by Kim Woodburn

“Don’t be a little b**ch, dear. Dont be a little b**ch.

“And don’t be gang handed. Oh my god. Don’t ever be ganghanded.

“Oh… and never be an adulterer.

“Do you know what. When I think other people pinch other people’s partners.

“Well. get your own, but I’m sure you’re not.

“If you are and I find out all these things I said to you are true, I’l give you trouble in spade loads and I’ll find you.

“I’l find you, so don’t do this. It’s filth.”


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