Ryan Melcher In Delight After Being Kept Away From His Grandmother & American Icon Doris Day

Famous American actress and singer, Doris Day, sadly passed away two years ago at the age of 97 and most fans are aware of the long-standing dispute that separated the golden age diva from her beloved grandson. After two years since the death of his grandmother, Ryan Melcher seems to be coping well and has been seen having a wonderful time with his girlfriend.

The history between Doris Day and her grandson spanned as far as the death of her only son, Terry Melcher in 2004. Many a politics were played between behind their backs as Doris’s manager kept her away from family that left bitter marks on the loved ones.

Melcher has even made it public knowledge that he was denied response despite his continuous efforts of trying to make amends with his grandmother. He even declared during an interview that Melcher’s plans were often disrupted by Day’s manager and for some reason there was no attempt to reach out from the Hollywood icon.

In any Hollywood tragedy story, media intervention has always played a part in adding spice to gossips and conjuring up rumors out of thin air. A similar such event occurred in the case of Doris Day as a tabloid article induced unconventional rumours, forcing her to maintain distance with her own family.

At the age of 97, Doris Day passed away due to pneumonia, leaving behind a legendary status of being an actress, singer, and avid animal activist. Up until a few days before the tragic event, Ryan Melcher wasn’t allowed visitation and was kept at a distance from his grandmother.

Recent Instagram posts seen on Ryan Melcher’s handle has revealed his immense affection towards his grandmother despite the events that transpired over the years. He was also seen posting pictures of his late grandmother with words of affection attached to it.

After years since her passing, Ryan Melcher is now seen having a delightful time with his girlfriend while also managing his property sales venture. It’s unthinkable to assume that Ryan Melcher would have gotten over the death of his beloved nana, but it definitely makes a warm sight to seem him moved past the traumatic events of his yester years.

Doris Day was well remembered in her grandson’s Instagram posts with heartwarming captions showing the bond that existed between them. There are also more to show how Ryan Melcher has moved past the devastation and enjoying every second with his girlfriend.