Ryan Phillippe and Son Deacon Tackle Adventure in New Mexico in Bonding Photoset

Ryan Phillippe just posted some enviable photos from a trip with his 17-year-old son Deacon Reese on Instagram. The actor took his teenager to the McCauley Warm Springs in New Mexico, where they enjoyed a hike, a relaxing soak and some time away in nature. The pictures have fans unabashedly jealous in the comments.

Phillippe shares Deacon Reese Phillippe and daughter Ava Elizabeth Phillippe with his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. They have joint custody of their children, and Phillippe clearly made the most of their time this weekend. He geo-tagged the post to let fans know where the photos were taken and captioned it: “The rocky uphill hike was well worth the warm woodland baptism that followed.”

Phillippe included 10 pictures in the carousel, all with stunningly colorful shots of a perfect day in the outdoors. They showed him and Deacon wading, swimming and floating in the water, which was apparently secluded deep in the forest. He even dunked the camera underwater for a shot of Deacon smiling and holding his breath under the surface.

Phillippe also showed off some of the stunning views and wildlife to be seen on the way up to the hot springs and back. According to the U.S. Forest Service, the McCauley Warm Springs are located near the town of Jemez Springs, New Mexico. They are at the end of an out-and-back hiking trail and they include a waterfall.

Deacon used his verified Instagram account to leave a comment on his father’s post, apparently referencing some kind of inside joke. The teenager hasn’t posted on his own feed since late July. Fans left remarks of their own.

“You look just like your mama,” one wrote to Deacon with a heart emoji. Another wrote: “omg, we were there this weekend as well, must’ve just missed you guys! Hope you had a great time, Jemez is beautiful!!” A third added: “You guys are awesome, like dad, like son.”

Phillippe and Deacon have apparently been taking a lot of trips into the wilderness this summer, and not just in search of natural wonders. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in November, Phillippe said that he and his son had just gotten back from Joshua Tree National Park where they were hunting for aliens.

“We did some rock climbing and this and that. I had rented an alien-themed Airbnb and then revealed to him that the actual intent of our trip was to try to make contact with alien civilization,” he joked. Sadly, he said that they had “a great father-and-son bonding moment, but no alien contact.”

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