Ryan Reynolds Admits The Deadpool Suit Doesn’t Fit Anymore In New Ripped Free Guy Promo

20th Century Studios has announced that advanced tickets for the Ryan Reynolds-starring Free Guy are now on sale and in doing so have revealed a potentially spoilery new video for the action-comedy. In the video, a clip from the film shows off how Taika Waititi attempts to squash Reynolds’ Guy inside the video game, and he does it by creating a bigger, more muscular version of Reynolds’ character, named “DUDE.” Reynolds plays both roles, with the new video showcasing the actor’s “new life” now that he’s more shredded than The Rock including that he can’t fit inside the Deadpool suit anymore. Check out the hilarious gag video below.

Reynolds and the Deadpool suit recently made headlines after both he and Waititi appeared as their Marvel characters in a new video to promote Free Guy. Reynolds’ donned the Deadpool suit once again while Waititi appeared as Thor: Ragnarok character Korg, both reacting to the trailer for the new film. Reynolds took to social media to show off some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, teasing that he was going to steal the suit from Disney, new owners of the Deadpool film rights.

“References for this movie for me, and certainly I can speak for Shawn here, are Amblin,Reynolds told ComicBook.com about Free Guy in a recent interview. “’80s Amblin is all about wish fulfillment. And there’s so much of the DNA of those movies that inspired us here. I mean, in all the rewrites… Shawn and I spent hours and hours and hours on trains back and forth from Boston to New York. We were shooting in Boston doing rewrites on the film and creating a scaffolding that felt like it could sustain an Amblin-type movie. I mean, the movie doesn’t seem like there’s any relation to Back to the Future in it, but there’s… Were striving or aiming…”

Reynolds continued, “And I know it’s somewhat imperious height to strive for, but we were aiming for that feeling that I got when I was a kid and Shawn got when he was a kid, when we walked out of the movie theater watching Back to the Future for the first time. And you just felt so… I remember grinning ear to ear and just thinking, ‘The fact that these people got together and made this thing, this movie that took me to another place like that and left me feeling so happy at the end too,’ was something I wanted so badly. Especially when we were shooting this movie in the thrust and crux of real global negativity. I mean this has been a really f*cking hard five years for a lot of people in a lot of different and nuanced ways. So the idea that we could make a movie that is just a fastball of joy was of paramount importance to us.”

Free Guy hits theaters on August 13th.

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