Ryan Reynolds Sends Perfect Message of Support to LeVar Burton

Ryan Reynolds is throwing his support behind LeVar Burton. On Friday, Reynolds took to Twitter to share a message regarding Burton’s campaign to become the next Jeopardy host. In turn, Burton responded to the actor’s post with nothing but love.

While Reynolds didn’t explicitly discuss Jeopardy in his tweet, it was clear what he was referring to. In reference to Burton’s own Jeopardy campaign, which has seen a legion of fans calling for him to take over the hosting role on the quiz show, Reynolds joked that fans would take to Twitter calling for him to be cast as Deadpool. He wrote that the Deadpool campaign was “awkward” as he “agreed with them but the studio didn’t see it.”

Reynolds wrote that, in the end, the fans “won” and he became the Deadpool everyone knows today. He went on to say that he was “forever grateful” that the fans did call for him to portray the role. The actor ended his tweet by writing a cheeky, “Hi @levarburton.” Even though Reynolds is discussing his Deadpool journey here, it’s incredibly clear that he’s referencing the campaign surrounding Burton’s bid to become the next Jeopardy host. In response to Reynolds’ tweet, Burton shared prayer hands emojis and a purple heart emoji, obviously noting that he’s appreciative of the Free Guy star’s kind words.

Burton was one of the many individuals who guest hosted Jeopardy in light of Alex Trebek’s November death. Many tried their hand at the role, but the position was eventually offered to Jeopardy executive producer Mike Richards. Although, there is an opening for the position now. After several of his past, offensive remarks came to light, Richards announced his exit as the official host.

Richards shared in a memo to the Jeopardy staff, “I will be stepping down as host effective immediately.” He wrote that he was “deeply honored” to be chosen to step into Trebek’s shoes and that he was “thrilled by the opportunity to expand my role.” However, he added that it has since become evident that continuing to serve as the host “would be too much of a distraction for the show.” Since Richards has now stepped down from the position, that leaves a major opening for one of the numerous guest hosts who have tried their hand at the role over the past several months. Will Burton finally get his chance to become the full-time Jeopardy host? Only time will tell.

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