Ryan Reynolds Shares Winning Reaction to Gerard Butler Shady Comment

Ryan Reynolds may be just another attractive Hollywood A-lister, but he does not let that get in the way of his wit. The “Free Guy” actor recently shared a winning reaction to a shady comment from Gerard Butler. 

Like every other actor, Ryan Reynolds is best known for his roles in high-budget Hollywood blockbusters. However, the “Deadpool” actor is also known for embodying the same charisma and wit as his on-screen characters in real life.

Apart from being one of the nicest men in the industry, Reynolds gets an extra point for being effortlessly relatable. The Canadian actor recently showcased why his fans and peers love him with a clever Instagram post.

Ryan Reynolds attends Netflix’s “6 Underground” New York premiere, December 2019 | Source: Getty Images

Reynolds recently released a video game-inspired movie in which he stars alongside Jodie Comer. The film “Free Guy” has done extremely well at the box office and was recently named the 5th Hollywood title to cross the $300 million mark this year.

Many years ago, Gerard Butler made a film with a similar concept to “Free Guy” called “Gamer.” Unfortunately, the virtual reality gaming element of the movie may have been too daring for 2009 because it flopped.

However, the wide acceptance of “Free Guy” has made many think back to Butler’s 2009 flick. So much so that an interviewer for Unilad brought up the film’s resurgence in relation to the “Free Guy” release.

Butler spoke positively of his experience with “Gamer” and even expressed that he thought it would have performed better. Unfortunately, Butler did not have much to say about “Free Guy,” explaining his reason for not knowing about the film:

“Oh [expletive] is it…I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies.”

Although many stars would reply to Butler’s unwarranted dig with a petty response or conventional PR statement, Reynolds handled things the best way he knew how. By slightly trolling his victim on social media.

However, Reynolds’ response was a little different from his usual online trolling antics. although it was as quick-witted and unmatched as Reynolds’ everyday social media engagements, already giving him the upper hand.

Ryan Reynolds attends the world premiere of 20th Century Studios' "Free Guy," August 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds attends the world premiere of 20th Century Studios’ “Free Guy,” August 2021 | Source: Getty Images

Reynolds simply shared a screenshot from his Twitter app in response to Butler’s shady comment. It showed a linked story about Butler’s comments and a tweet by Reynolds himself underneath it.

His tweet addressed supporting the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The actor highlighted the post by circling his tweet on the screenshot in red.

What made Reynolds’ reaction the best thus far is the caption he included with the Instagram post. It jokingly opens with Reynolds referring to Butler’s comments but shifts the focus to his more important charitable tweet.

Reynolds’ tweet also confirms that the actor and his wife are matching donations to the tagged causes to up to $1 million to top things off. Now, that is one winning move for a short-lived, unnecessary feud.


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