Ryder Cup 2021 LIVE: Stream, TV channel, UK start times as countdown begins at Whistling Straits


Padraig Harrington will copy former Europe captain Thomas Bjorn if he wins the Ryder Cup – and get a tattoo.

The Dane had the score from Paris in 2018 inked on his backside after the Americans were famously sent packing.

The 2021 captain said: “I am delighted that that’s all they ask for, but I’d have given up a lot more. So yes, I will be getting a tattoo. If my team produces a winning week, I will be getting a tattoo to mark the occasion.

“I’m very comfortable that they only asked that much of me because I would have given more. I think it’s an unwritten rule, so it has come up, yes, in conversation.

“Maybe they didn’t ask. Maybe I offered and they felt that was enough.

Harrington continued: “But definitely, yeah, it’s a given now in Europe. Captain has to get a tattoo.

“And I don’t have any other tattoos at this stage, so it would be a new experience for me. Where on the body? I don’t know. Depends how long it is.”


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