Saahil Bhargava unveils his debut EP ‘Ronin’


Mumbai,  Independent artiste Saahil Bhargava released his debut EP ‘Ronin’ on Friday.

The singer, songwriter, and composer was nominated for ‘Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival’ for his single music video ‘Kohima’.


The Los Angeles-based musician had competed with music legends like Paul McCartney, and Yo-Yo Ma at the LA fest.

Talking about his debut EP, Saahil said: “I’m so glad to finally release this EP and tell these stories. As an independent musician, my journey has been fascinating, and I hope to continue collaborating with talented artists from different mediums. Hopefully, this is the start to many more releases this year.”

The five-song EP, consists of tracks ‘Wind’, ‘Mama’, ‘Kohima’, ‘Ronin’, and an intro, ‘Overture’. It explores different themes of despair, grief, panic, and inner conflict.

His song ‘Kohima’ which was nominated for the LA Fest, uses the backdrop of the Battle of Kohima from World War II. The song explores the despair and desperation that comes in the heat of a brutal battle from a young soldier’s perspective. Kohima’s music video has stunning visuals, pacey composition, and impeccable storytelling style.

The song ‘Ronin’ explores the debate between doing what you think is “good” versus doing what you think (or have been told) is “right” through the eyes of a samurai. ‘Wind’ revolves around the story of a man living his last day and how he tries to enjoy the beauty that surrounds him in his final moments.

On the other hand, the fast-paced track ‘Mama’, is about a young woman trying to escape a hostile environment only to become the same person as her oppressors.

Apart from all his musical pursuits, Saahil, 26, also doubles up as the Head of Teen and Adult Animation at Rainshine Animation, a division of Rainshine Global Inc.

The EP ‘Ronin’ is available across all streaming platforms.

Source: IANS

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