SAFB security force member arrested after wreck on I-44


WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A member of the Sheppard Air Force Base Security Forces is charged with wrecking her car on I-44, leaving it in the roadway facing oncoming traffic, and concealing her location from police and her commanding officer.

Destiny Periguez had two charges filed: interfering with an officer’s duties and leaving the scene of an accident.


Two Burkburnett police officers responded to reports of an abandoned car with no lights on in the lanes of travel of I-44 near Daniels Road on Sunday.

They said an unoccupied Honda Civic with significant damage and airbag deployment was in the left northbound lane, facing south, with no lights on. A witness said the car drifted toward the median cable barrier and struck it and the driver left.

Officers found mail inside the car with Periguez’s name. A SAFB security force member on scene told police the car belonged to Periguez and that she was also on the security force.

Her commanding officer then contacted her and said she messaged that she was ok, and when he got her on the phone, she said was traveling by car to Lawton.

Shortly after that, they say she told the commander she was in her dorm on the base.

When the Burk officer spoke to her, though, he said she told him she was at a hospital.

After three different statements on her location, the officer said she refused to disclose her location and disconnected the call.

Police say they then pinged her cell phone location and it showed she was in a residence in Lawton.

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