Salt Bae left stunned as Nusr-Et London diners tip him with a £2,000 box of cigars after devouring £630 steaks

SALT Bae was lost for words when a pair of dinners were so impressed with his £630 steak and £100 burgers that they tipped him a £2,000 box of cigars.

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe – who is better known as meme sensation Salt Bae for the way he sprinkles seasoning on his pricey meat – recently opened his Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge to mixed reviews.



Salt Bae was tipped with a box of £2,000 cigarsCredit: Instagram

He serves a £630 gold-wrapped tomahawk steak at his new restaurant


He serves a £630 gold-wrapped tomahawk steak at his new restaurantCredit: Social Media – Refer to source

But the global sensation was left stunned when two young entrepreneurs were so impressed by his gold steak they gave him a tip – a £2000 personalised box of cigars.

Brothers Ollie and Toby Brittan, who own Whites Beaconsfield, the UK’s leading provider of non-peroxide natural teeth whitening products, booked the posh meal to celebrate the successful launch of their new teeth whitening toothpaste.

They ordered the famous gold-wrapped tomahawk steak which costs £630 and £100 burgers and were left with a whopping bill of nearly £2,000 after all their drinks and side orders.

But the brothers were so impressed with the food and the grand theatrics of Salt Bae as he served the steak that they gifted him a £2k box of cigars.

Ollie said: “We had a great meal to celebrate the success of the toothpaste launch and after a great evening we thought the cigars was a great way to thank him.

“Hopefully he won’t forget about us in a hurry and next time the steak’s on the house!”

The Turkish chef and butcher – who goes by the name of Nusret Gökçe in real life – recently opened the first UK outpost of his 15-strong Nusr-Et steakhouse chain.

And The Sun told how diners are beating a path to his door for his gold-covered steaks – despite the sky-high prices.

One visitor was charged a staggering £1,812 for dinner.

The main courses included a £630 tomahawk steak, a £100 burger, plus £10 fries, two Cokes for £18 and four Red Bulls for £44.

And the restaurant even added a £236 service charge to the monster bill.

Celebrity visitors to the restaurant so far have included David Beckham, Gemma Collins, Danielle Lloyd and Kate Ferdinand with her husband Rio.

David Beckham with the Turkish chef and entrepreneur


David Beckham with the Turkish chef and entrepreneurCredit: Refer to Caption

Gemma Collins has already been to the new London restaurant


Gemma Collins has already been to the new London restaurantCredit: Instagram


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