Sam Heughan reveals why he always has one particular facial expression for Jamie Fraser in Outlander

In case you missed it the Outlander cast and creative team had a bit of a fun time on a recent comic-con panel in New York.

Sam Heughan, Diana Gabaldon, and Maril Davies were on stage at the event at New York Comic-Con, while co-stars Caitriona Balfe (who has just had a baby), John Bell (Young Ian), Lauren Lyle (Marsali), and César Domboy (Fergus) joined by video link-up.

While enjoying a chat about season six and what’s in store for fans – which you can learn more about here – Lauren joked that Sam has a particular expression for Jamie that the other cast always notice.

After she showed off her own hilarious version of the Jamie Fraser smoulder, she asked about another expression of Jamie’s that Sam puts on.

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After describing Jamie’s other signature look, a kind of half-smile/half-smirk, Lauren stated: “I remember when I first started on Outlander, you have a face that you do as Jamie, I’m never sure if you’re about to corpse or if you’re Jamie!”

Though he didn’t give an explanation about it at the time, it seems the fan favourite not only embodies Jamie but has also been doing his homework as well.

It seems Sam has been doing his homework

Taking to Twitter to respond after the official Outlander account tweeted about the exchange, Sam wrote: “Diana described: Jamie as having a crooked smile, I think… always tried to give him a one-sided smirk.”

It’s that kind of attention detail – and the fact he’s clearly read the books – which has not only won fans over for his portrayal but also the Outlander author too, who was once worried that Jamie was too “grotesque” to fit the role for the idea of Jamie she had in her head.

Delighted fans flocked to thank Sam for his hard work in bringing Jamie to life, with one writing: “And, once again, you show why @Writer_DG is happy to share custody of Jamie Fraser with you. You simply understand the character of Jamie.

“And, as a long-time book reader, I am so thankful that you were cast as Jamie Fraser. No one else could have portrayed him the way you do.”

While another added: “People who don’t ever read the books don’t realise the incredible thought and detail you brought, the study you do of the character and Diana writing to embody it, it’s almost a biopic of a real person. It’s amazing.”

We now can’t imagine anyone else in the role, can you?

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