Sam Heughan says Outlander scenes had to be reshot after Caitriona Balfe’s bump got too big 

Sam Heughan told fans that Outlander scenes had to be reshot after Caitriona Balfe became pregnant because her bump got too big.

Sam was speaking at Wizard World in Chicago when he revealed the difficulties surrounding his co-star’s pregnancy.

The Scots actor who plays Jamie Fraser in the hit Starz series also admitted he sometimes forgot the bump was ‘real’ and almost punched it just for fun.

He told his adoring audience: “You all know my co-star was pregnant. Congratulations to Caitriona.”

“When they knew, they had to really move everything around so we could shoot her out before she got too big… and she got big.

“She did really well but we had to shoot some out of sequence. We shot eps one and three then had to shoot six or seven then it jumped back to four and we did a bunch of reshoots as well at the end.

“We do get scripts pretty early in advance but they do change quite a lot.”

Asked if he was tempted to poke her belly on set, he replied: “I didn’t poke her belly but there were times I almost forgot, cause when other actors have their baby bumps on its so tempting to.

“I had to remind myself ‘do not’ but I think Caitriona would have punched me back.”

Sam admitted he’d not slept much ahead of his appearance in Chicago after travelling from New York.

He said on his Twitter account: “We didn’t sleep much.”

He also said of Outlander series six: “Did you see the new Outlander trailer?

“We are really happy and excited. Outlander is home.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the first episode is like ‘oh my, it’s super strong.'”


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