Sam Williams, Grandson Of Hank Williams, Teams Up For Duet With Dolly Parton On “Happy All The Time”

From Hank Sr. to Hank Jr., music is in the Williams family blood.

And, there’s another Williams who has the country music bug— that would be Sam Williams, the son of Hank Jr. and grandson of Hank Sr.

He’s gearing up to release his debut album, Glasshouse Children, this Friday. But, he’s giving fans an early taste of what’s to come on the new track “Happy All The Time” which features the great Dolly Parton. Sam had actually written this specific song two years prior to the release with Mary Gauthier.

He told Zane Lowe on the Apple Music 1 podcast that it was a dream come true to work with Dolly:

“She has one of my favorite voices of all time and she can do so much with it and it’s just as strong now as it’s ever been.

I had the song done about two years ago, so I was only 21 years old, and to have someone of her stature to forehead stamp me like that, I just couldn’t believe it.

It’s so great for a legend like that to embrace someone so new and a little bit left of center, it’s just amazing.”

The track actually cuts to the heart of something I think almost every single one of us can relate to in that he addresses how money will never be able to truly buy happiness, as is evidenced by the fact that, if that were really the case, we’d all be much happier a lot more often.

It’s a pretty dark and slow song, not quite as country as you might like, but Dolly’s vocals are just as strong as ever and she adds a little bit of light to it with her angelic voice.

Sam has put out a couple other tracks in the lead up to release day, including a song called “The World: Alone” in honor of his late-sister Katie Williams’ 28th birthday.

“The World: Alone”

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