Sandra Bullock Adopting Baby No. 3 With Bryan Randall?

Are Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall ready to adopt another child? According to one tabloid, Bullock and Randall are only “days away” from “making the biggest lifetime commitment ever” and adopting a third child. Gossip Cop was intrigued by the story, so we decided to investigate further. 

Are Sandra Bullock And Bryan Randall Adopting Another Kid? 

“Sandra’s Adoption Bombshell” is the headline from a recent Woman’s Day publication. According to the outlet, Bullock and Randall are “expecting a call from her adoption attorney any time now to begin trial custody of a new baby.” An insider close to the duo alleges Bullock and Randall are “buzzing and doing their best to keep it a secret” from their two kids, Louis and Laila. 

Apparently, Bullock and Randall started adoption paperwork last Christmas, assuming it would take a couple of years like previous adoptions did. The source speculates that Bullock was convinced to start the process again because there’s “been a huge increase in demand” for adoptions. The tabloid says that although Randall’s “waiting for Sandra Bullock to publicly say yes to his marriage proposal,” he’s still ready to commit to fathering another kid with the actress. “Bryan’s more than proven his devotion to fatherhood,” the insider spills. 

Another Adoption For Sandra Bullock? 

So is Woman’s Day’s story about Bullock and Randall adopting a third child accurate? We’re not so sure. While it’s entirely possible the pair could proceed with another adoption, it seems unlikely this tabloid would have exclusive details about it. It also seems extremely unlikely that the two parents would suddenly surprise their two children one day soon with a sibling, which doesn’t seem like the healthiest way to do it.

More importantly, this magazine simply isn’t reliable when it comes to Bullock and Randall. This past June, the magazine alleged Randall had broken up with Bullock over the idea of adopting another child. Apparently, Randall wasn’t ready for more kids and “urged” Bullock to “put the brakes on adopting another child.” The story was completely false, as Randall never “walked out” on Bullock as the outlet claimed. That report had the exact same amount of evidence behind it, so we’re confident in dismissing this newest one.

The Wild Rumors About Sandra Bullock

When it comes to Woman’s Day and its stories about Sandra Bullock’s life, there’s a history of inaccuracies. For example, the tabloid claimed Bullock was in love with Keanu Reeves a couple of years ago. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bullock admitted she had a crush on Reeves years ago, and he happened to say the same. However, to claim the two were acting on feelings they had several years ago in the past was bogus, as Bullock and Randall have always maintained a healthy relationship. Bryan Randall didn’t walk out on Sandra Bullock, and Sandra Bullock didn’t hook up with Keanu Reeves. This outlet shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to the two.


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