Sandra Bullock Getting Together With Brad Pitt?

Sandra Bullock has been dating her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, for over five years. To some, this may indicate the couple is doing better than ever, but several tabloids have claimed Randall and Bullock are constantly fighting over the big-name actors she works alongside.

Sandra Bullock Getting Together With Brad Pitt?

In March, the National Enquirer alleged that Sandra Bullock’s longtime boyfriend Bryan Randall was increasingly jealous over her relationship with Brad Pitt. As Bullock and Pitt worked together on the set of Bullet Train, Randall grew suspicious. “Bryan is possessive, and he has a jealous streak,” an unnamed insider revealed.

The magazine also pointed out that Bullock and Pitt had several things in common, such as mutual friends George Clooney and his wife, Amal. According to the same source, George and Amal “would love nothing more than to see them get together,” referring to Pitt and Bullock. Apparently, Bullock turned down numerous marriage proposals from Randall, which left him confused by the nature of their relationship and “very worried” about Pitt swooping in to steal Bullock.

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Sandra Bullock Reignites Romance With Ryan Reynolds?

Another outlet, New Idea, proposed that Randall was right to be concerned about his relationship with Bullock. According to the tabloid, Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were “caught out” together in public. Reynolds apparently still had a “huge soft spot for Bullock,” one tipster leaked, and it made Randall rather jealous.

The insider revealed that Bullock and Reynolds had an “ultra-flirty friendship” and “incredible chemistry and attraction.” The way the report described the situation made it seem as if Bullock and Reynolds could run away together at any point, without warning.

Bryan Randall Worried About Channing Tatum Flirting With Sandra Bullock?

A month ago, Life & Style alleged Randall was seriously worried about losing Bullock as she worked on The Lost City of D. According to the magazine, co-star Channing Tatum flirted non-stop with Bullock and even made an intimate post about her on social media. “I don’t have the words for how special Sandy Bullock is,” Tatum captioned an Instagram post.

Tatum shared a video of his and Bullock’s last day on set, where he planted a kiss on Bullock’s cheek. After Tatum’s Instagram post with Bullock, Randall thought the two got “a little too close” for comfort. An insider assured that “Bryan completely trusts Sandra,” but it appeared Randall still had to keep watch over her.

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