Santa Claus Arrested For Trying To Handcuff Himself To Gates Of Parliament


A video posted to Twitter shows a man dressed as Santa Claus being arrested after reportedly trying to handcuff himself to the gates of parliament.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as we get ready for the holiday season it can be easy to feel a little overwhelmed, or frustrated, after such a turbulent year.

The chaotic clip begins just outside the parliament gates, with a group of police officers trying to detain a man in a Santa suit.

Meanwhile someone off-screen says:

Know your history, you’re gonna be on the wrong side of history you lot. You’re traitors!

The video then cuts to a struggle between the police and the man dressed as Santa Claus. Following this, another person can be heard off-screen saying ‘some people are just narcissistic aren’t they’.

The police then surround the man, calmly walking him away as onlookers shout ‘shame on you’.

Of course, people responded to the clip on Twitter, with comments ranging from practical to hilarious.

Who’s going to bring my Star Wars figures now.

While another added, ‘hope they let him out in time for the big night!’

Other’s spoke about how traumatic the ordeal was, with one user adding, ‘cheers, sons crying. Ruined Christmas’.

While others seized the opportunity for the perfect pun, saying ‘guess Santa isn’t coming to town’.

To be fair, all the red and green uniforms in the video did look pretty festive.

But here’s hoping Santa Claus will be released in time for a Holly Jolly Christmas.

Shola Lee

Shola Lee began her journalism career while studying for her undergraduate degree at Queen Mary, University of London and Columbia University in New York. She has written for the Columbia Spectator, QM Global Bloggers, CUB Magazine, UniDays, and Warner Brothers’ Wizarding World Digital. Recently, Shola took part in the 2021 BAFTA Crew and BBC New Creatives programme before becoming a journalist at UNILAD, where she works on breaking news, trending stories, and features.


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