Sarah Jessica Parker Stuns The Audience Revealing The BTS Sneak Peek Of The Latest ‘And Just Like That’ Update

In a teaser on HBOMax’s YouTube channel, Sarah Jessica Parker finally announced the release date for the “Sex and the City” reboot, which will be called “And Just Like That….”

Sarah Jessica Parker was featured on the new show’s set in this clip, telling fans when the show will be released and giving them a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

With all of the excitement around the release date and the new cast members revealed, “And Just Like That…” is being eagerly anticipated by fans.

Parker announced last year that she would be bringing the cast of “SATC” back to the screens in a new reboot that will follow the stories of the characters that were left open-ended almost twenty years ago.

The original show made its name by having a cast member for every personality type and showing real issues that people face comically. “SATC” gained more popularity with each year that it was on screen, and fans were left wanting more when the final season ended.

Despite the “SATC” movies, there has been no mention of any series reunion until last year when SJP teased a trailer on her Instagram profile that showed a busy New York street with no other information.

Fans immediately became excited at the prospect of a new “SATC” series, but Parker later announced that while some of the original cast would be back, it would not be a reboot. Rather, it is going to be a new storyline with the same characters.

Parker has said that “SATC” followed the lives of the characters navigating issues in their 30s, but “And Just Like That…” will be something new because it will follow the characters navigating issues in their 50s.

Since announcing the new series, there has not been much news about what would be going on in it, but Parker recently began sharing sneak peeks into the “And Just Like That…” world.

Any piece of information about the reboot has been eagerly shared among fans of the show. The newest and arguably most important piece of information has garnered the most excitement.

Parker revealed in the HBOMax clip that the reboot would be released in December this year, giving fans only two more months to wait until they get to see the new storylines and meet the new cast members.

While Kim Catrall will not be starring in the reboot, you can expect to see many familiar faces. Some exciting new ones include Sara Ramirez, Nicole Ari Parker, Karen Pittman, and Sarita Choudhury.


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