‘SAS: Rise of the Black Swan’ Ending Explained: Who Will Survive?

An amateur recording shot by a young survivor starts to make the rounds in no time, forcing Grace and the rest of the bloodthirsty clan to do a swift performance evaluation. Unfortunately, their employers are hoping to take slightly more drastic action. The UK government issues a Red Notice, and things go downhill from then on.

The founding member of the militia, William, goes out early on in SAS: Rise of the Black Swan. Does the rest of the crew make it all the way to the end?

The future isn’t looking bright for the younger generation of Lewises either. In an attempt to initiate a new round of negotiations with the prime minister — she wants ransom and the right to leave the country — Grace hijacks a Eurostream train from London to Paris.

But her clever ploy has a significant flaw. As Grace is to learn, Tom Buckingham, the SAS agent who killed her dad, is on the train as well. He is headed to Paris to enjoy a romantic vacation with his girlfriend, Sophie Hart (Hannah John-Kamen of Game of Thrones fame).

Grace takes several hostages, including Tom’s girlfriend, Sophie. Defying the odds, she manages to strike up a deal with those in power, earning a considerable chunk of ransom money. Everything is looking up, until it doesn’t.

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