SAS troopers are terrified that their base is now haunted after they summoned the dead in a seance

Tough SAS troopers are terrified their base is now haunted after they summoned the dead in a seance.

The elite soldiers’ HQ in Hereford has been hit by unexplained events ever since an ­attempt to contact spirits at a regimental ­dinner in the sergeants’ mess.

Apparitions are said to have appeared; eerie laughter has been heard, taps and lights have come on by themselves, and a ghostly presence has been waking personnel.

One member of the unit said: “Everyone had a few drinks, and someone came up with the idea of a seance.

“One of the wives said that she had the ability to contact spirits, and we all thought she was a bit barking.

“A lot of drink had been taken, and so everyone was up for it. We sat in a circle, held hands, and this woman began swaying and groaning and then began speaking in a strange voice.

“There were some pretty tough guys in that room who had seen a lot of action, but a few were a bit nervous.

“Soldiers are a very superstitious lot, and some of them now believe they have disturbed the dead and are being punished.”

The event took place earlier this year after the lockdown was lifted – the first time some unit members had seen each other in almost two years.

Most regimental dinner nights usually have entertainment booked, but nothing was available, so one of the soldiers said it would be fun to hold a seance.

Since then, lights have flickered inside rooms in the middle of the night, and one force member claims to have heard laughter coming from an empty cupboard.

Another soldier has said he was woken up after he felt what he described as someone blowing in his ear.

While one saw an older woman walking down a corridor in a wedding dress.

He was so convinced she was real that he tried to stop her, but she disappeared into a locked storeroom.

However, the insider said not all members of the mess think the “haunting” is real – with some convinced they are being made the victims of an elaborate prank.

He added: “The question is what do we do next?

“Some people have suggested that we get the woman back in to hold another seance and tell her that we are sorry if we disturbed any spirits.

“Others have said it’s just a wind-up, and somehow our arch enemies – the SBS – are involved.”


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