Savannah Chrisley Gets Wiggy With Lilac Curls & Mystery Man

Chrisley fans got a giggle Tuesday when the official @Chrisley_USA shared a hilarious pic of Savannah posing with a mystery fellow on Instagram.  Now fans are arguing over who that man in the bright wig was. Read on to get the details behind yesterday’s post.

Savannah Chrisley Gets Wiggy With It

On Tuesday, Chrisley fans were in stitches over a photo posted by the show‘s official Instagram. @Chrisley_USA shared a snap of Todd Chrisley’s daughter, Savannah, as she sports a freshly styled lilac-colored wig. In the pic, Savannah wears an ugly teddy bear print Christmas sweater. The celeb holds her phone in front of her and pointed at a downward angle to snag a stylin’ selfie of her rockin’ new ‘do.

Savannah isn’t alone in the photo, however. Pictured behind her is a male, wearing a white t-shirt under a grey plaid flannel shirt. Like Savannah, the mystery man is also sporting a funky neon wig.  His faux hair is cut in a shoulder-length bob in an eye-blinding highlighter yellow.

The photo accompanies a brief caption informing fans that inform them that they can catch a new episode of Growing Up Chrisley on Thursday at 9:30pm.

Fans Debate The Identity Of Mystery Man

While the female in the photo is very clearly Savannah, the man’s identity hasn’t been as easy for fans to identify. In fact, in the comments of the post, viewers are still actively debating over who the man in the wig is. Many seem to think that it is Savannah’s father, Todd, goofing around with his daughter. Numerous other fans are argue that Savannah’s goofy-faced cohort is Chadd Bryant.

While the two look distinctly different, the odd colored wig and the angle of the photo are definitely the cause of confusion in this photo. It’s easy to see how fans are confused. We can say, however, without a shadow of a doubt that the ‘mystery man’ in the photo is most definitely Chadd Bryant. He much too young to be Savannah’s father. Additionally, if you compare close-up photos of the face, Chadd has several distinct moles/freckles that easily allow him to be identified, with or without neon hair.

Savannah Chrisley Chad Bryant Chrisley USA INstagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Who is Chadd Bryant?

Well, for those who do not regularly watch Growing Up Chrisley, Chadd Bryant is a hairdresser/real estate agent from Nashville. He also happens to be Savannah Chrisley’s BFF. In fact, before her nuptials were canceled, Chadd was slated to be a ‘Bridesman’ on Savannah’s side of the aisle. The two have been friends for years and have a very special relationship. On Chadd’s birthday last year, Savannah told the world exactly how much Chadd meant to her, in an Instagram post stating, “You are one of the kindest, most loyal, and loving people that I know! I don’t know how I’d get through life without you. God knew what He was doing when He placed this one in my life!! Can’t wait to have you by my side for the rest of our lives! Through the laughter and tears…you and me!”

Photo Credit: Savannah Chrisley| Instagram

It seems like this silly wigged-out snap is just one more awesome day in their friendship.

Catch Savannah, Chadd, and the rest of the Chrisley gang in their latest adventures in tomorrow’s new episode. The show airs at 930pm EST on the USA network.

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