Savannah Chrisley’s Hot, New Assistant Looks Familiar To Brother Chase

Siblings Savannah Chrisley and Chase Chrisley love giving each other a hard time. The latest thing Chase is making fun of is Savannah’s assistant, Nick. While he said he didn’t think it was a coincidence he looked a lot like another man named Nic in Savannah’s life, Savannah insisted he’s just qualified for the job.

Recently Nic Kerdiles has found his way back into Savannah’s life, but this season was filmed before that news broke. After calling off her engagement so the two of them could grow, fans really hoped they would get back together. Now with her business success and some personal growth, Savannah seems ready. Her new assistant showed up in a clip to bring Savannah some breakfast and talk about working for Sassy, her makeup line.

Savannah Chrisley Does Have A Hot Assistant

Savannah Chrisley’s assistant is good-looking. As soon as Chase lets him in he’s already got a sly grin on his face. As soon as he comes in he asks him to repeat his name. In an interview, he talks to his sister. He says, “so, let me get this straight: your new assistant is handsome, fit and his name is Nick, like your old fiancé. Seems super suspect, Savannah.”

Savannah tells her brother, it’s just a coincidence. She tells him, “This guy is super qualified, he’s worked with some big brands, so he’ll be a great fit for Sassy.” Chase tells her he doesn’t believe it according to E-News. He accuses her of not reading his resume and just looking for eye candy. She tells him he’s perfect and Chase responds, “wouldn’t be the first time I heard that about a Nick!”

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Chase Doesn’t Think He’ll Last Long

When her assistant is helping her with Sassy he meets Elliot, Chase’s best friend. Elliot tells Nick he’ll go to the gym with him and Savannah Chrisley says no. Savannah says, “he’s absolutely amazing.” She makes a point to mention to her brother that Nick brought her her favorite scone. Chase says it’s the first day of course he seems good. He bets he won’t last a week in the job. Savannah says if he does, Chase has to be her assistant.

Later when Savannah is working on putting together some thank you boxes for people who’ve helped her with her brand, Elliot asks where Nick is. Savannah says he’s at the gym, which Elliot says is a red flag if he’s supposed to be helping her. Savannah gets Elliot to promise not to tell Chase by giving him a hairdryer as payment.

Do you think she picked him because he looked good? Do you think her assistant looks like Nic Kerdiles? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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