Savvy mum reveals how to make 12 sandwiches in one go for her kids’ school lunches to save time

FIGURING out what to make your child for school their lunches every day is no easy feat, so one mother has shared her easy-to-follow hack.

Posting to her TikTok account @athomewithshannon, Shannon Doherty revealed how she prepares her kids’ lunches for the whole week at once.


Shannon shares how to make 12 sandwiches at onceCredit: TikTok/athomewithshannon

To start, you need to grab a pack of 12 dinner rolls and slice them all in half, ensuring the rolls are still connected to one another.

“On the bottom bread section start making your sandwich,” she instructed.

“Mayonnaise, turkey, cheese, keep it all together, put the top back on and start slicing it into mini sandwiches.


“Perfect size sandwiches for your kid’s lunches, refrigerate the rest for the week.”

This hack means you have a bevvy of sandwiches at the ready, which will save you time in the kitchen. It really is as easy as that!

In the comments, Shannon said the sandwiches will be good for a whole week in the fridge.

Proving the popularity of the hack, the video has been viewed more than 37k times.

Viewers have been amazed by her nifty idea, with many thanking her for sharing it with them.

“Ok this is a great idea for kids lunches,” one person wrote.

“Such a yummy and easy hack!” said another.

“Perfect for school,” a third person wrote.

Shannon is a fan of making mayonnaise, cheese and turkey sandwiches


Shannon is a fan of making mayonnaise, cheese and turkey sandwichesCredit: TikTok/athomewithshannon
At the final step, Shannon cutes them into individual sandwiches


At the final step, Shannon cutes them into individual sandwichesCredit: TikTok/athomewithshannon

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