Schoolboy Drag Queen-“I’m proud of my 12-year-old drag queen son” – Mom tells

A 12-year-old-boy has been dressing up in his mother’s clothing and makeup since he was two. Now, he is following his dreams of becoming a drag queen with the full support of his mom.

Miles Pullman’s outfits and makeup make him stand out from the crowd, and according to his proud mother, Nicola, he takes performing very seriously. She indicated that he always entertained his family and friends but has taken things to the next level.

This year the youngster had his debut drag show. He enjoyed the performance, which took place close to Broadstairs in Kent, England. His dancing and enthusiasm impressed people, and one month later, he was performing on a bigger stage.

A young boy is dressed in drag and hugs another drag queen as they attend a park performance.


This time, Miles was invited to the main stage at Canterbury Pride. When he completes his schooling, he dreams of working in Primark and dancing as his drag persona, Miss Oatie T, after hours.

Nicola expressed that drag is not just a temporary phase for her son. She said: “He’s a born performer who has been working towards this moment for a long time.” He also spent months working on his makeup and dancing.


He created his persona, Miss Oatie T, 18 months ago. One of the youngster’s dreams is competing in the BBC series “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.” Nicola pointed out that the series showed Miles “how much could be achieved with” his performances.

The mother added that he didn’t want to be a “useless drag queen” who didn’t know how to make a dress. She said: “He even asked for a sewing machine and a tailor’s dummy for his 12th birthday, so he could start making his own costumes.”


The mother, along with her ex-husband Lee, wants Miles to be himself. They support him and his daring dreams. Their whole family is glad he has found what makes him happy. People have even called him a superstar and a future RuPaul winner.


Miles is not the only youngster who loves being a drag performer. In 2019, another 12-year-old who goes by “Desmond is Amazing” started to create some buzz online. Not everyone agreed with his choices and performances in gay bars.

Despite this, Desmond is happy, and he and his mother don’t understand why the performances are so controversial. The young drag star shared that while he doesn’t have many friends at school, he has his own “fan club.”


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