Schoolgirl, five, gets perfect lunchbox to stop classmates stealing her food

A five-year-old came up with a creative way to stop classmates from stealing her packed lunch.

Eden Richardson asked her mum Andrea, 31, to order her a lunchbox with a massive photo of her face on it.

The primary school student chose her favourite photo and her mum ordered it to be printed on a lunch bag for £12 from Amazon.

Andrea, from Birmingham, said: “I was asking Eden what type of lunchbox she would like for school.

“I made a few suggestions like a Frozen or a glittery unicorn one.

“But she just turned round and said ‘No, I’d like one with my face on so everyone knows its mine and no one takes my food!’”

Eden Richardson with the bespoke lunchbox she ordered from Amazon

Andrea continued: “It wasn’t what I was expecting but was happy to go along with it.

“I got Eden to pick a photo so wanted and we ordered it that night.

“The teachers at the school can’t help but laugh every time she arrives in the mornings with it on.

“The other day one of them went ‘we will definitely know whose this is at lunchtime!”

In other news, a nutritionist recently revealed what parents should pack in their kids lunchboxes.

Eden with her mum Andrea Richardson
Eden with her mum Andrea Richardson

Roxane Bakker, Registered Dietitian at, told Daily Star Online that many of us have been getting packed lunches wrong.

She emphasised the importance of choosing immune system-boosting foods in the current climate.

The food expert recommended plenty of fruit and vegetables, calcium-rich products and complex carbohydrates to keep kids feeling full of energy all day long.

She also warned against foods which are high in sugar and fat, which should only be eaten in moderation.

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