Schools urge parents not to let children watch Squid Game after they were caught copying scenes

SCHOOLS have urged ­parents not to let kids watch violent Netflix hit Squid Game after they were found copying it.

The series sees debt-ridden contestants tackle survival tasks for a mammoth cash prize.


Schools urged parents not to let their kids watch hit Netflix show Squid Game, as pupils mimicked the show’s outcome by beating up eliminated playersCredit: Splash

The Korean show title comes from a playground game in which children run at the words “green light” but are out if moving at “red light”.

In the show, losers are shot.

A parent in Deal, Kent, said: “We’ve received 2 school letters (primary/secondary) warning parents about letting kids watch Squid Game.”

One Belgian school said kids had mimicked the show’s outcome by beating up eliminated players.

Netflix has issued sex, violence and suicide content warnings for Squid Game which it rates as appropriate for 15-year-olds and over.

Charity Parentkind urged parents to “exercise judgment”.

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