Scots Nina Nesbitt becomes avatar to perform at virtual Metaverse festival 

Scots singer Nina Nesbitt is joining other artists including Paris Hilton, and Deadmau5, Danny Tenaglia and 3Lau to perform as an avatar in the ‘metaverse’.

Eighty real world artists will take on a virtual reality form for Metaverse Festival hosted by Decentraland where revellers, who can also make up their own avatars to represent themselves, will be able to enjoy virtual VIP areas, a merchandise store for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and even portable toilets!

For the festival, Nina pre-recorded her set, which was then given movement by her avatar, in much the same way Abba have been made into Avatars for their forthcoming tour.

Nina Nesbitt becomes avatar for Metaverse Festival

In a video Nina explained to followers: “So I just had one of the strangest experiences of my life so far.

Today I became an avatar. Bear with me here. They started by profiling my face, then I had to do a series of movements and speech.”

Nina’s face was mapped out by using eyeliner dots which were then transferred to a computerised figure.

She said: “The reason for all the eyeliner dots is to pick up the shape of your face. If you think I look like a weirdo here just you wait.

“Next up i had to put on a suit then velcro things to track the movement. They do some very impressive thing on the computer and then I am officially moving in real time.

The gig I’m playing in the Metaverse is underwater so I got put into the location, did a performance as if I was on stage, sinking along to my previously recorded audio.”

Nina admitted afterward: “It was really strange recording it … to try to have the energy of being on stage and doing all the movement in the body because you have to exaggerate everything, but I have always wanted to be turned into a real-life Sim, so this has been a really cool experience.’

The festival begins on Oct. 21 with more info here


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