Scots viewers react to ‘annoying’ location error as hit BBC crime drama Guilt season 2 premieres

After a wait of almost two years, hit BBC drama Guilt was back on our screens on Tuesday Night airing the first episode of the second series.

The show picked up after the nail biting cliff-hanger of the first series which saw Max (Mark Bonnar) be escorted away in a police cruiser after attempting to cover up a hit-and-run.

The new episode picks back up again in Edinburgh seeing Max after his prison stint and trying to get his life back, and fans are already impressed saying the second season could outdo the first.

However, one element that didn’t go down well with Edinburgh viewers was where certain scenes were filmed.

Guilt is mostly set in and around Leith in the capital, but some fans have suggested that some parts of the show were not even filmed in Edinburgh at all, but in fact Glasgow.

One frustrated viewer wrote: “Why does @BBCScotland insist on setting dramas in Edinburgh but filming most scenes very obviously in Glasgow? Massively annoying!! (Otherwise enjoying it though!)”

Another said: “Absolutely love #Guilt but spending the whole time like ‘Glasgow’ ‘Not Leith’ ‘Oh, that’s Leith!’ ‘Glasgow’. But that aside, it’s great and starting on BBC2 on Thursday.”

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Another keen-eyed viewer responded by saying: “Same when I first watched Trainspotting, ‘that’s Glasgow not Edinburgh’ Our country is so small it’s easy to recognise these places.”

The original poster then replied: “Exactly! It’s been shown on BBC Scotland first so everyone of the viewers must be like ‘That isnae Leith’.”

However, not all fans were bothered by the filming blunder, with one tweeting: “I really enjoyed the web of lies in Guilt I. Guilt II has an interesting sensibility that’s more East Coast than West (despite trying to pass off Parnie Street as Edinburgh).”

A second viewer said: “The excellent #Guilt did not disappoint! Great music, great cast and a superb start to Series 2”.

“What an opener. I think this series might even outdo the first,” wrote a third.


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