Sean and Catherine Lowe Share Their ‘Bachelorette’ Predictions (EXCLUSIVE)

When it comes to success stories from The Bachelor franchise, Sean and Catherine Lowe are often at the top of fans’ lists. The two first met when Sean made his debut as the Season 17 lead, and they quickly bonded over their shared senses of humor. The pair got engaged in Thailand during the finale — with a Neil Lane sparkler, of course — before literally riding off into the sunset on an elephant.

After their season concluded airing in early 2013, Catherine and Sean tied the knot in early 2014. The Texas-based duo has since welcomed three kids together, Samuel, Isaiah, and Mia, and they’ve been a reminder to viewers that the show can and does work.

Because the spouses are an all-time fan-favorite reality TV couple with family-friendly Instagram pages, many people turn to them for advice about love, relationships, and parenting.

The couple spoke exclusively with Distractify about their thoughts on Katie Thurston‘s Bachelorette finale, their advice for staying connected after the show, and their partnership with Kinder Joy for the Applaydu app.

Catherine and Sean Lowe on ‘Bachelorette’ predictions, and their advice for making a post-show relationship work.

While Sean and Catherine’s love story is still being written more than eight years after their time on the show, viewers have yet to find out how Katie Thurston’s time on The Bachelorette will conclude.

After an emotional breakup with Greg Grippo, which Catherine said felt really “honest” and “true,” Katie is choosing between Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze on the Aug. 9 finale.

Like a lot of audience members, Catherine is tuning in for all of the “twists and turns” that have been involved in Katie’s “exciting season.”

The Lowe Co. founder noticed that the lead seems to be “comfortable” with both of her remaining guys, and she’s confident that Katie will follow her heart.

“I just support Katie in whatever decision she makes,” Catherine said. “I feel like she really knows herself well.”

She isn’t sure who the Season 17 star will pick, but the Seattle native did point out Katie’s clear bond with Blake (and the fact that viewers still don’t know much about Justin).

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“You can just kind of tell that she and Blake have such a fun, honest relationship, where they can be entirely themselves and they’re not filtering themselves with each other,” she added.

Though being on the show is undeniably stressful for the lead and for the contestants, a lot of the real relationship work happens when the cameras stop rolling.

Sean shared that “faith is fundamental” in keeping his bond with Catherine strong, and that the odds can be stacked against couples who meet on the show.

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“It takes a lot of commitment, and you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions,” Sean said about how hectic life can be once the show ends. “It’s not easy.”

The former college football player understands why so many pairs from the show do part ways.

“I certainly don’t begrudge the couples who don’t work out, because it makes perfect sense why they would not work out,” he continued. “Catherine and I got extremely lucky to meet each other, and we’re just so happy that we met in this very unconventional way.”

Catherine echoed her husband’s sentiments about commitment.

“Just to continue to commit to whoever you choose,” Catherine said about her advice for Katie and her potential fiancé. “If you do choose somebody, make sure that they don’t feel left behind or forgotten.”

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‘The Bachelor’ alums are now all about their three kids, and sharing family-friendly content online.

Whether it’s because they are a Bachelor success story, or because they share wholesome content, Catherine and Sean each boast more than one million followers on Instagram.

When they’re not posting funny comments or updates about their three young kids on the app, the two feel a responsibility to recommend things that they love to their followers.

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That’s why the couple partnered with Kinder Joy for the Applaydu launch. The app allows kids to interact with the toys from the chocolate eggs through games. Their eldest kids, Samuel and Isaiah, have really taken to the various games.

“Isaiah’s mind has been blown by knowing that this little toy that he’s holding is already on the screen,” Catherine said. “Samuel has been really excited to discover all of the other things that the app allows you to do. Every time they play with it, it’s really special that they crave more of it.”

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. You can download Kinder Joy’s app, Applaydu, here.

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