90 Day Fiance Season 3 Episode 7, The Other Woman

Almost all of The Other Way couples had tumultuous times in their relationships in this week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

Some deep-seated issues came to a head for the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples this week, and while some came out with progress others backslid into turmoil.

Ongoing problems in the relationships of the couples were highlighted as tensions were at an all-time high for the season.

Progress was made by a few 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples in this week’s episode

Kenny and Armando went to the marriage office in Mexico to bring the letter they received from the Human Rights authority saying that their relationship should be acknowledged as moral and right.

When they presented the letter to the marriage official, he said that the state they live in Mexico no longer requires that human rights letter and that they are free to get married.

Ariela said that Biniyam hid her passport the day before she and Avi were set to leave back to the US for their son Avi’s hernia surgery. She said he gave it back but that it was indicative of how scared and uneasy he is feeling. Ariela tried to reassure him she was coming back by leaving most of her stuff at their house and by giving him a special ring.

When Biniyam sent them off at the airport, he expressed how scared he was again but ultimately let them go with a lot of hesitation.

Jenny and Sumit had a mediation with Sumit’s parents in the presence of a counselor.

Sumit’s parents said they want to keep him in their life and said they would move into Jenny and Sumit’s house to teach Jenny how to be a good Indian wife and daughter-in-law to see if they can try to accept her that way.

Jenny said that she didn’t like the idea and that it is an opportunity for Sumit’s mom to give her hell. She told Sumit she needed time to think it over even though it is their last option to win his parents’ approval.

Sumit's mom
Suit’s parents agreed that they would move in with Jenny and Sumit. Pic credit: TLC

Some 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way relationships are not holding up well under stress

Corey revealed the full truth to Evelin about his relationship with Jenny after he visited Jenny and got some personal closure. He told Evelin that Jenny was his girlfriend for more than two months and they did have sex.

Evelin took the news very badly and told him to take all his things and leave but ended up letting him stay in their spare bedroom. They had a talk the next day where Evelin said she lost all trust in Corey and that she wanted to break up.

Evelin Villegas
Evelin expressed her frustrations with Corey’s admission about being with another woman. Pic credit: TLC

Steven continued his admission to Alina that he made out with over 200 women, had intimate relations with about two dozen, and actually had sex with 4-5 women. He said the last time he had sex was in October 2020 which is when Alina believed they were exclusive. Alina was extremely angry and refused to communicate with Steven.

When Alina’s mother came to visit them, she went to the airport to pick her up alone and revealed that Steven has been lying to her about seeing other girls. Steven tried to make a good impression on Alina’s mom but she was concerned and questioned Steven’s motives about lying to her daughter.

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