Season 41, Episode 4, They Hate Me ‘Cause They Ain’t Me

Naseer Muttalif worked hard to keep his team in the latest Immunity Challenge. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 41 aired on Wednesday night that was called They Hate Me ‘Cause They Ain’t Me.

The night jumped right into footage from Ua Tribe, where Genie talked about being blindsided and almost as surprised as Brad Reese (when he got sent home).

Genie was on the outs at Ua, where there were only four people left after the tribe had to go to its second Tribal Council of the season.

Shan revealed that Brad had told her about the advantage she had, letting Genie in on the secret that Brad had been lying to her.

As Ua indicated, on the last episode of Survivor 41, it was Brad Reese who got voted off the island. He was the fourth person eliminated so far from the Survivor 41 cast.

Survivor 41, Episode 4 recap

A Reward Challenge was presented moments after the episode started. The first two tribes to finish would win rewards. The winning tribe would get to meet with an expert on living in Fiji who could teach them about anything they needed to survive. The second-place tribe would receive a big fish to share.

Yase and Ua took a big lead, while Heather from Luvu was struggling to get her part of the challenge completed. It definitely looked like Luvu was about to lose their first challenge in a really big way. They would get to keep all six people, but would not get a reward. Though Heather was distraught, the rest of the Luvu Tribe tried to pick her up and showed an extreme amount of support for her.

Ua won the challenge by a large margin. Yase easily finished in second place. Luvu got nothing from the challenge, but they remained safe.

Learning from a Survivor expert

The four remaining members of Yase were extremely proud of their victory at the Reward Challenge – even though that victory was only finishing in second place. But getting that fish sure raised their spirits and gave them the energy to keep competing hard.

At Ua, the tribe got to meet Nathan, a native Fijian who gave them advice about how and when to fish, brought down some coconuts by climbing up a tall tree, and then showed them how to prepare the fish that he caught for them.

Ricard saw the information and tools that they got from Nathan as a reason that the tribe didn’t need Genie any longer. It was an odd takeaway from the experience and a reason that Genie needed to be worried if the Ua Tribe ended up losing another Immunity Challenge.

An important Survivor Immunity Challenge

It was another really intense water and land challenge, where the tribes had to retrieve logs from the water and bring them to the land before they could then try to land rings on a target. Luvu and Ua took the early lead, leading to Jeff Probst making comments about Yase being familiar with trailing in challenges.

Deshawn Radden was trying very hard to throw the challenge for Luvu, but it was getting difficult because Yase was just so terrible at it. Danny McCray was also trying hard to throw it for Luvu, but Naseer Muttalif was trying to push hard to elevate the tribe.

With members of Luvu trying to throw the challenge and Ua starting to struggle, Yase was able to catch up. Nasser really stepped up to save Luvu, though, and despite finished behind the winning Yase Tribe, it led to Ua finishing in last place again.

Time for the fifth Survivor 41 Tribal Council

Ua had to go to Tribal Council for the third time this season. The first two times, it was Sara Wilson and Brad Reese who got eliminated. Now, one of Genie Chen, Ricard Foye, JD Robinson, or Shan Smith would be getting voted out next.

Ahead of Tribal Council, Shan convinced JD to let her hold on to his extra vote. He agreed to do it as a way to prove that they had trust and she promised to give it back to him after the vote.

When Jeff Probst read off the votes, they were Genie, JD, JD, and JD. JD Robinson was blindsided and he became the fifth person eliminated so far.

That brings an end to the Survivor 41, Episode 4 recap. For Survivor fans who are interested, the CBS TV ratings have been coming in for Fall 2021 and it gives an early look at how the new season of Survivor is doing.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.


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