Secret hack to keep your sofa smelling fresh for weeks

NO MATTER how often you hoover behind your sofa cushions, once it’s had a few years of wear and tear it can start to smell a bit funky.

Luckily, there is a way to give your sofa a quick revamp in between washes that will keep it smelling fresh as a daisy.


Tanya shows how to keep your sofa smelling fresh in between washesCredit: tanyahomeinspo/Instagram

Tanya, often shares ‘home inspo’ and ‘cleaning hacks’ on her Instagram page, tanyahomeinspo, and this particular tip is great if you often have people over for a cuppa.

“How to keep your sofa smelling fresh for longer,” she writes in the clip.

Firstly, Tanya takes off all of the sofa cushions and begins to spray Febreze on the base of the sofa.

Tanya then takes the sofa cushions and puts in a dryer sheet in each one.

It’s as simple as that.

Febreze is often used as an odour neutraliser and can be used on a variety of different fabrics.

The same goes for dryer sheets which have quickly become a popular way to add a speedy fragrance boost around the home.

Tanya writes in the post: “Most people spray their sofa which is great however I find this only lasts a day or so.

“I like to take these additional steps to keep my sofa smelling fresh for longer.

“Firstly, ensure your sofa is regularly cleaned. Then you spray the sofa base and put dryer sheets inside the sofa chairs as well as the cushions.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.”

“How had I not thought of this?!” One user wrote, adding “I have those tumble dryer sheets everywhere never even thought about the sofa.”

Another user commented: “Yea !!!! Another brilliant tip thank you for your great posts.”

A third user replied: “The dryer sheet is a great idea. You know I’ve been febrezing that mf though.”

Tanya recommends dryer sheets and Febreze to keep odour's at bay


Tanya recommends dryer sheets and Febreze to keep odour’s at bayCredit: tanyahomeinspo/Instagram

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