Secret Nazi Ruins Season 2: Release Date, Updates and More!

Hello, Readers! Secret Nazi Ruins Season 2 will air on Science Channel in July. From tunnels and towers to underground bunkers and communication hubs, Nazi Germany’s sinister footprint can be found all over the world. The structural remnants of Nazi Germany still exist today, waiting to reveal the truth about Hitler’s tactics and guard information about the sinister projects he was planned.


Experts analyze these abandoned sites in an all-new season of the Science Channel series to dissect and discover their original function and what hidden projects they were designed for.

Go Button Media produces the show for Science Channel. Go Button is executive produced by Daniel Oron and Natasha Ryan. Neil Laird is the executive producer for Science Channel, and Andrew Lessner is the producer.


Secret Nazi Ruins Season 2: Release Date

The season premieres Sunday, July 25, 2021, at 10 pm ET/PT on Science Channel.


What is this about?

World Conflict II is said to have started in 1939, yet evidence reveals that Germany began preparing for the war years before that. Hitler launched a steady build-up in the East with secret military constructions disguised as canal projects such as dams and drawbridges long before the first shot was fired.

By 1938, Germany had created and equipped for war miles of bunkers, tunnels, and factories. Experts explore these enigmatic constructions and abandoned bases to put together forgotten histories and secrets that few people were aware of – until now.

Throughout the season, specialists will examine the horrific but actually innovative sciences and technology that arose from the Nazi elite’s dark imaginations in Peenemunde, a small German seaside town overrun by the Nazis at the onset of the war. A forgotten Nazi structure lies deep in Poland’s Owl Mountains, the function of which is mostly unknown. Some speculate that it was built between 1943 and 1945 to protect tens of thousands of civilians from Allied bombing.

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