Secrets Revealed! Jordan Rodgers Shares New Info About JoJo Fletcher

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have been together for years now. In fact, they are planning their wedding again after delaying it multiple times. They are a fan favorite in Bachelor Nation and fans love to hear details about their love story. This new piece of information about their time together on The Bachelorette is super sweet.

Jordan Rodgers shares new details about dating JoJo Fletcher

US Weekly shared some very interesting details spilled by Jordan Rodgers about when he dated JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette. As it turns out, Jordan was caught by producers trying to slip love letters to JoJo. Once they figured out what he was doing, it worked very well for him. Jordan actually got more time with JoJo as a result. They formed a closer connection because of this happening.

The revelation came when JoJo posted a photo on Instagram Stories featuring a stack of love letters. She said, “All the letters @jrodgers11 wrote to me during filming.”

Jordan reposted the same story and added some commentary to explain the letters further.

He said, “Fun Bachelorette filming story. I tried to hand these to JoJo off camera in secret on our hometown date, up in my room whispering to each other. One of the main producers caught wind (prob heard on the mics) and ‘confiscated them’ and asked me to give them to her ON camera…so I said I would…IF…I could see her at the hotel later off camera.”

The producer reportedly winked at Jordan and told him he’d see what he could do.

What did they get to do off camera?

Jordan went on in his post to say, “After our interviews, the producers took me to surprise her! We got to hang out OFF camera, in sweats, eating In’N’Out, ‘supervised’ (LOL) by producers. We laughed talked for hours, and that was truly the moment I realized what we had was REAL REAL. He continued, “No cameras. Felt natural and right. And the rest is history! Without that moment not sure I would’ve been as ready/confident to propose.”

He then also revealed that JoJo was squeezing his hand three times to try and say I love you. He didn’t know what she was doing until later.

The two didn’t read the letters when JoJo posted them. The couple revealed they are going to wait until closer to their 2022 wedding date to reminisce over the letters.

What do you think of the producers giving Jordan and JoJo private time together?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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