See Janelle Brown’s UNBELIEVABLE Weight Loss Transformation!!!

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown put her UNBELIEVABLE weight loss transformation on display in her latest Instagram post. As those who follow the TLC star know, she’s made some big changes to her lifestyle lately. She’s looking a lot healthier, happier, and thinner these days!

Interested in what Janelle Brown is doing to drop so much weight? Want to see a before and after picture of her weight loss transformation? Keep reading.

The Sister Wives star has made a lot of big changes

Janelle Brown has made a lot of big changes in her life recently. For starters, she is living in an RV on the land Kody purchased for the family a while back. Initially, she caught a lot of heat from fans who just didn’t think it was a good idea. But, most have come around as Janelle seems really happy with her decision.

Janelle Brown joined her and Kody’s daughter Maddie on a weight loss journey recently. The two started using an MLM weight loss product. And, they’ve both become VERY passionate about it. Janelle and her daughter Maddie have an entire Instagram account dedicated to the product line they are now using. Moreover, they are both adamant that the product is about so much more than just losing weight. The mother and daughter note there are tons of other health benefits as the product has really changed their life.

Sister Wives - Janelle Brown - Maddie rose
Sister Wives – Janelle Brown – Maddie Rose/Instagram

Janelle Brown put weight loss transformation on display

Janelle Brown took to Instagram to put her incredible weight loss transformation on display. While she hasn’t been open with how much weight she’s lost, fans can really see the difference in this before and after snap down below.

Her newest photo features herself rocking a red, white, and blue t-shirt with a pair of snug blue jean shorts. Janelle Browns of Sister Wives is looking incredible these days. And, she has a huge smile on her life as she’s clearly enjoying her best life!

Check out the before and after snapshot putting her weight loss transformation on display down below.

Sister Wives janelle Brown Before and After
Sister Wives Janelle Brown Before and After/Instagram

The Sister Wives star admits she’s gotten serious about self-care

“This is what happens when you decide to get serious about #selfcare well health in general!” She bragged in the Instagram caption. She proceeded to explain how simple and inexpensive what she’s been doing to change her life is. She encourages anyone who is ready for a change to reach out to her.

Do you agree that Janelle Brown has an unbelievable weight loss transformation? Share your thoughts on her progress in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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