‘Selling Sunset’ Newbie Emma Hernan Reveals That She Feels Ready To Tackle Any Of The Challenges.

The newest leading lady on “Selling Sunset,” Emma Hernan, is dishing on her cast members and how they have prepared her for her time on the show. She feels ready to tackle any of the challenges she is faced with, thanks to her castmates.


Emma Hernan is the newest realtor on “Selling Sunset” and will appear in the upcoming fourth season. She is a model-turned-realtor who has gained the support of her castmates.

Everything from handling internet trolls to tackling the criticism that comes with being an Oppenheim Group Realtor has been discussed with Hernan between her castmates.

The fourth season of the hit Netflix show is set to hit the screens sometime around Thanksgiving. While an official release date has not yet been announced, Christine Quinn teased about it.

The fourth season will see some familiar faces leaving the screen and some exciting new ones joining the cast. Hernan is the newest realtor in the Oppenheim Group, and fans are excited to get to know her.

However, as with any new venture, Hernan shared that she was nervous about the pressure of being an Oppenheim Realtor because of all the criticism she might get from other people.

Hernan was justified in her fears about being judged because, as all Oppenheim realtors know, many people have opinions about these women and heavily scrutinize everything they do.

She has been warned that she needs to look out for bullies and not allow them to get to her because it will be easy to lose her sense of self if she allows the negative comments to affect her.

Hernan has also said that she has seen how negatively bullying and negative comments have affected her friends and castmates and wants to be strong enough to handle those situations when they happen.

Luckily for Hernan, her friends and castmates had some helpful tips on dealing with negative comments. She has said that each of her castmates has been “super protective” over her and have given her a piece of useful advice that might help her stand her ground against bullies and keep a positive mindset.

Her castmates have taught her that reading the comments on her posts is not a good idea because they might not always be good and that she should ignore rumors about herself spread online.

However, Hernan has said that while she will have to get used to it, she is excited to open up and share her life with the world.


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