Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith’s ex-husband SKIPS custody mediation hearing after she claims he’s ‘missing’

SELLING Sunset star Amanza Smith’s ex-husband Ralph Brown skipped their custody mediation after she claimed he is “missing.”

Amanza, 44, requested full legal and physical custody of her daughter Noah, 11, and son Braker, 10, with Ralph, 43, in October 2019 after she claimed to be unsure of his whereabouts.


Amanza Smith’s ex-husband Ralph Brown did not attend mediation over custodyCredit: Instagram
Amanza claimed Ralph is 'missing'


Amanza claimed Ralph is ‘missing’Credit: Getty

The Sun can exclusively reveal a mediation for custody was scheduled for September 8, 2021. 

While Amanza was present, Ralph did not appear and the mediation did not occur. 

A trial has been set for September 29, 2021. 


In court papers previously obtained by The Sun, the real-estate agent claimed the former Arizona Cardinals player ran through his significant savings and retirement fund from the NFL in a “short period of time.” 

She claimed he “has not been steadily and gainfully employed in any stable form.”

The court papers continued: “As a result, he has not made a single payment of child support since before the judgment was entered in 2015. 

“It has been a regular struggle for me to survive with no help from him.”

She then claimed the former motivational speaker “disappeared.”

The documents alleged: “On September 1, 2019, Ralph sent me an email entitled ‘No Roof for Kids.’ He wrote, ‘For the past few years I have not had any stability nor financially, to keep over my head or for the kids. 

‘On Sunday a week ago today the kids and I slept in my car with no food, no water, and no restroom. I have exceeded my resources and no longer have a roof for the kids, nor the ability to take care of them. 

‘It is not safe that the kids be with me. You will have to keep the kids until the situation changes.’”

Amanza said she had not heard from Ralph since that day and that she has kept the children in her care. 

She continued in the court papers: “I have no idea what is going on with Ralph. 

“However, I don’t know if he is suffering from depression or whether or not he may be now having problems from the many concussions he suffered in pro-football, or if he has developed a drug issue…

“I just know that he is completely gone.”

Amanza explained how his “sudden disappearance” has left her children “devastated,” as they had a “close and loving relationship.”

She ended the court filing: “If and when Ralph does come back, I need to be able to ensure that he is coming back into their lives in a good place and does not intend on abandoning them again. I have no desire to take custody away from him, except to protect our children. 

“When he returns and if he is emotionally stable, I believe we will have no problem modifying this requested order by stipulation.”

Ralph updated his address and informed the court that he would be representing himself.

The Sun attempted to reach Ralph via phone and email at the time, but he did not respond.


In an exclusive interview with The Sun in March, the Selling Sunset star revealed she still does not have legal sole custody of her children.

She told The Sun: “During Covid court dates were pushed and everything was put on hold. At this point, it’s a matter of re-filing the paperwork and getting a court date. 

“It’s been almost two years my ex has been gone so there is no fear I won’t get them. He’s not here.”

Amanza said the situation has been “stressful, emotional and unfortunate” for her and the children, as being a single mother is “not easy.”

She continued: “It’ll be two years in August. It’s so bizarre. It’s unbelievable. It’s really crazy. It’s a lot. My kids, they just manage it. I don’t know how they’re so amazing. They just get it.

“I didn’t sign up for this. When we divorced and they would go to him for a week and me for a week, at first it was hard to be away from your kids for that long. Then it got to a point where I welcomed that week because I worked extra hard, I could go see my friends. I had a little bit of freedom. 

“I don’t even really know how I do it. I don’t have a choice. I have to. I do the best I can. I don’t know if I’m doing the best job. I’m so busy because I’m having to take care of so much and make sure we’re okay so I can pay for the rent.”

Amanza works as a real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. 

She opened up about going to court to obtain full custody on Season 3 of the Netflix series.

The cast is currently filming for Season 4. 

Ralph is a former football player


Ralph is a former football playerCredit: Getty
They share daughter Noah, 11, and son Braker, 10


They share daughter Noah, 11, and son Braker, 10Credit: Instagram
Amanza is a real estate agent on Selling Sunset


Amanza is a real estate agent on Selling SunsetCredit: Netflix


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