Sex doll collector says his ‘girls’ are so lifelike they’re mistaken for real women

A sex doll collector says that his two his newest “girls” are so lifelike that they are regularly mistaken for real women.

Dean Bevan began collecting sex dolls after he watched the futuristic drama Humans in 2016, which is about a world inhabited by highly intelligent robots.

After watching it, the lifelong sci-fi fan decided to order his first doll, called Sarah.

Since then the retired mental health nurse has bought around 25 dolls, which he calls “his girls.”

At first, all of the dolls he bought were made from TPE plastic. Although this still isn’t cheap at around $1,300 (£1,000) a piece, they are much less expensive than high-end silicone dolls.

He calls the dolls his “girls”

The head alone of a silicone doll can cost $1,300 (£1,000), meaning Dean opted for the less lifelike options, he said.

However, over the the summer, the keen photographer was sent two silicon heads – which he has called Ava and Amy – by firms who wanted to see how they looked in pictures.

And the companies were not disappointed by the “incredible” results, according to the 61-year-old, from Ipswich, Suffolk.

Dean Bevan with one of his sex dolls
Dean “dresses up” the dolls and takes photos of them

One of Dean Bevan's sex dolls
He says the lifelike dolls are often mistaken for real women

Talking to The Sun, Dean said: “I’ve had people say that’s a real person. Silicone is harder than TPE so it does allow for more detail.

“I can still tease out pretty good pictures with TPE but with silicone, you can make out skin pores.

“They’ve done a good job with the eyes and the makeup and the implanted eyebrows. The hair is implanted too which adds to the realness.”

One of Dean Bevan's sex dolls
Dean has around 25 dolls in his collection

One of Dean Bevan's sex dolls
The head alone of a silicone doll can cost $1,300 (£1,000)

Dean said that sometimes the skin can look a bit “shiny” but that in most pictures, the dolls look like “real people”.

He said people regularly ask if it’s real women in his snaps, which he posts on his Instagram and they “can’t believe it” when he tells them it’s a doll.

Since taking up his photography hobby, Dean has taken thousands of pictures of his dolls.

He regularly swaps and changes their heads and dressing them in different outfits while they hold numerous poses.

One of Dean Bevan's sex dolls
The silicone dolls come with implanted eyebrows

One of Dean Bevan's sex dolls
The hair is implanted too, which adds to the realness

Dean says he’s taught himself to apply makeup using YouTube tutorials in order to dress up the dolls for his photos.

He also shops miniskirts, sports tops, and other items to dress his “girls” up.

The father-of-two even built a bar in his garden during the Covid lockdown because as well as allowing his to enjoy a beverage at home, he says it provided a great backdrop for his photos.

The sex doll market has exploded in popularity in recent years and the increasing sophistication of dolls led Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, to “marry” his doll Margo back in 2020.

However, such a ceremony is unlikely to ever be legal, according to legal firm Netman Law, as the dolls are not regarded as human.

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