‘Sex/Life’ Star Sarah Shahi Reveals If Actor Adam Demos Used Prosthetic

Earlier this year, Netflix’ “Sex/Life” was all ANYBODY could talk about. More specifically, episode three at the 19:50 mark was the part of the series everyone was fast forwarding to.

If you haven’t seen “Sex/Life” and are unfamiliar with the premise, here’s a quick recap.

Former party-girl turned house wife and mother, Billie (Sarah Shahi), becomes bored with her life and starts to reminisce on her wild past. A big part of her past was her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos). Billie begins to journal her former lifestyle and insane sexcapades with Brad, and her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) stumbles upon her journal.

So ensues Cooper’s ‘cat and mouse’ chase to find Brad and confront him.


We aren’t going to totally ruin it for you, so go watch it! But be warned this show may not suitable for children under 18.

After filming, Shahi and Demos started dating IRL!

I mean critics kept saying, ‘You can’t fake that chemistry,’ which proved to be true.

Shahi recently sat down the The Skimm for their “Minute to Skimm it” series on Instagram.

She dished on season 2, filming sex scenes and the fan favorite shower scene!

When it comes to S2 of “Sex/Life” Shahi said, “Nobody knows until season two what happens when those elevator doors close.”

It has yet to be revealed if there will be a season two of the show, but it ends on a real cliff-hanger so for my sanity, there better be one!

When answering the question, ‘What’s it like filming sex scenes with someone you’re actually dating?’ Shahi said, “As an actor, we spend a lot of time sort of faking that kind of intimacy with somebody. But what was interesting from my point of view is to fall for the person that you’re supposed to be falling for on camera, it kind of adds an extra bit.”

She continued, “You’re kind of like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if this is anything I could have acted.’”

When it came time for the question on EVERYONE’S MINDS… “So is the shot of Brad real or prosthetic?” Shahi stayed mum.

“It’s just not my place to tell. A woman never kisses and tells, and neither does a gentleman, so…” she said with a massive smile and nervous giggle.

We are going to take those physical cues as a confirmation the shot of Brad is real.

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