Sex Pistol’s Johnny Rotten sings to wife on GMB as he opens up about Alzheimer’s battle

Sex Pistol’s Johnny Rotten sang to his wife on Good Morning Britain as he opened up about his life as a carer for his loving wife Nora, who lives with Alzheimer’s.

The leader of the hit 70s punk rock band appeared on the ITV morning show on Tuesday and revealed what life has been like for him since he left the band in 1978.

The 65-year-old rocker has been married to his wife for 45 years and became her full-time carer when she was diagnosed with the “incurable” disease in 2018.

Alzheimer’s is a progressing neurological disorder which affect the brain and impacts memory, thinking and behaviour.

The rocker sang a loving tribute to his wife on Good Morning Britain
(Image: ITV)

The singer opened the show with a cheesy smile as he said hello to his loving wife and revealed he didn’t want to “abandon” her when she was at her worst.

He told viewers: “It’s come on really strong and really quick. You’re asked questions about the doctors when did the symptoms start and, well I don’t know.

“She’s always been able to lose her keys and is that an indicator?”

Nora was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her 60s which has developed at lightning speed
Nora was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her 60s which has developed at lightning speed
(Image: FilmMagic)

Despite the fact that her memories are fading, the rock sensation admitted how Nora can remember events from 20 years ago as clear as day but struggles with her short-term memory.

He added: “Sometimes her memories are lethal. She can go back 20 years in complete detail and complete accuracy. I’m not going to abandon her.

“I can still see in her personality, it still exists, she’s just confused on how to express herself.”

The loving husband has been caring for his wife since she was diagnosed in 2018
The loving husband has been caring for his wife since she was diagnosed in 2018
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As they closed his interview, the infamous punk icon sang a touching tribute to Nora and admitted that he had recorded Tuesday’s episode to play back to her in the future.

And fans couldn’t help but fall in love with the controversial singer as they took to Twitter to share their opinions and it’s fair to say he was a resounding hit with the viewers.

One viewer wrote: “@gmb John Lydon saying it as it is, calling out liars, refreshing. Correcting Ben & Suzanna wishy washy Qs ensuring facts are aired.

The rocker shared the realities of a full-time carer on Good Morning Britain
The rocker shared the realities of a full-time carer on Good Morning Britain
(Image: ITV)

“Very sad to hear of your wife’s demential battle, absolutely love caring for her. Good luck with book n tour.”

Another added: “Great interview with the legend John Lydon today on #gmb. His love for his wife is incredibly moving to hear, can he be a more regular guest or have a segment of his own? He’s fantastic to watch and to listen to!”

A third chimed in with: “You can’t help but like John Lydon. The love he shows for his wife is endless. A true gentleman and always good for a laugh.”

Finally, another user penned: “@GMB Gotta Love John Lydon the way he talks of his wife Nora [happy emoji with hearts floating around] straight talking no rubbish & a genuine nice bloke !”

This comes after John admitted how becoming a full-time carer has affected his mental health in a revealing interview interview with The Times.

He admitted to the publication: “You can as a full-time carer get quite suicidal.

“I will have moments that are overwhelmingly sad and at the same time full of rage. But things are what they are, and you have to take that and accept it and, sadly I’ve got to say, almost enjoy it for the experience.

“You don’t have those moments [of despair] for very long. You’re quickly knocked back into reality when a p**s pot is kicked over.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

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