Sha’Carri Richardson and Allyson Felix’s Feud — Get the Scoop

Black Twitter has been supporting track star Sha’Carri Richardson since her impressive win at the U.S. Olympic trials in Oregon in June 2021. After learning more about her story and the loss of her biological mother, America fell even more in love with Sha’Carri. But, as quick as they love you, the world can turn its back on you. And unfortunately, the 21-year-old track star is feeling the heat with good reason.

After Sha’Carri failed to remain humble after experiencing a few setbacks, social media was divided. But, once Sha’Carri spoke out against Allyson Felix, all hell broke loose. Now, fans have one question in mind: Why are Sha’Carri Richardson and Allyson Felix feuding? Read on to get the 4-1-1.

Sha’Carri Richardson spoke out against Allyson Felix for asking fans and athletes to support the star.

Hell hath no fury like social media scorned! Fans are not too pleased with Sha’Carri after she seemingly threw shade Allyson Felix’s way.

After a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, guest host Stephen A. Smith asked Allyson if she had a message to give to Sha’Carri due to all she went through leading up to the Tokyo Olympics.

“I know that she’s obviously been through so much and I hope that she’s supported and I hope people rally around her,” Allyson said. “Obviously, she has a great personality. She’s brought a lot of attention to the sport, and I think she’ll be in the sport for a long time. I think just more than anything for all athletes, there’s so much that goes into it and we just need to give her the support that she needs.”

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However, things took a turn once Sha’Carri got wind of Allyson’s support.

On Aug. 25, 2021, Sha’Carri took to Instagram stories (via a video clip from The Shade Room) to seemingly throw shade at Allyson.

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In the video clip, Sha’Carri wrote, “Encouraging words on TV shows are just as real as nothing at all.”

And to say that social media let her have it would be an understatement.

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Social media users and podcasts alike have slammed Sha’Carri Richardson for her behavior.

Many social media users believe that Sha’Carri throwing shade at Allyson is the ultimate level of disrespect. For starters, Allyson didn’t have to share any kind words about Sha’Carri, especially since she has made questionable moves against women in track.

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Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning hosts Laura Stylez, Ebro, and Peter Rosenberg also called out Sha’Carri for her missteps in regard to the Jamaican track stars.

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“We saw reports that she was shading the other woman that beat her,” Laura Stylez said.

“She liked a tweet that said, “Not the Jamaicans still talking s–t when y’all gotta walk barefoot to your coconut stand every day for a living,” Ebro said. “She liked a tweet like that.”

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The hosts then went on to slam Sha’Carri for disrespecting Allyson.

“So, you’re shading Allyson Felix for giving you encouraging words,” Ebro said. “Basically in that Instagram post you’re saying, ‘She didn’t call me personally to give me encouraging words, she just did it on television. She doesn’t even know you like that fam.”

The crew went on to discuss that Sha’Carri has received so much support from the world after being axed from the Olympics. And for Sha’Carri to turn around and disrespect fellow athletes is distasteful.

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While some social media users agree that Sha’carri redeeming herself on the field is the only way to stop the hate she’s receiving, many people believe that the damage is already done.

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