Life After Lockup: Shane Cheated On Lacey Again?

Lacey and Shane Whitlow are back for another season of Life After Lockup. This time, they are dealing with a new baby and more trust issues. The most recent episode of Love After Lockup ended with an extended sneak peek of what to expect when Life After returns. Lacey and Shane were front and center. It appears all is not rainbows and butterflies now that they have their dream family.

Shane and Lacey: The Life After Lockup Saga


Credit: Shane Whitlow Instagram

Viewers should be used to their neverending drama. After all, Shane was one of two inmates Lacey was involved with when she was introduced on Love After Lockup. Initially, Lacey was dating John and had been before him getting locked up. Then, she fell for Shane. With Shane getting out of prison first, she chose to enter into something serious with him. She had wavering feelings for both men which caused them to fight over her.

In the end, Lacey married Shane. Unfortunately, marital bliss was short-lived. Shane cheated on Lacey so she sought revenge by going back to John. That ended fast as John was sent back to jail. Ultimately, she and Shane found their way back to each other. They decided to try IVF to conceive. It was a rough road but, last November, they announced they were expecting a baby.

In March of this year, the couple welcomed their daughter, Summer Rayne. However, the dream baby could not keep the two of them happy. The drama was about to erupt and the cameras were going to catch all of it for the world to see.

Lacey Accuses Shane Of Cheating- Again

The new season of Life After Lockup is interesting in that it reunites Lacey with her former cam girl co-star, Nicolle Bradley. Nicolle is currently embroiled in her own love triangle with Daonte and Tia. This will spill over to the new season of LAL. There is no word if she and Lacey will reconnect. What is clear is- Lacey does not trust Shane since she had the baby. She makes it clear she does not feel wanted intimately by her husband at all.

Credit: Lacey Whitlow Instagram
Credit: Lacey Whitlow Instagram

The couple plans a beach day with their friends. She starts to vent to her lady friends about how often she and Shane used to be intimate. Now, he won’t even touch her. Lacey’s friends immediately ask if she has looked through his phone. She says no because she trusts Shane. They are beyond ready to do it for her. It appears she finds something suspicious during her search. She is seen looking very unhappy with her husband.

As for where the couple currently stands, Lacey posted a loving birthday tribute to Shane on her Instagram a week ago. Yet, she followed it up with the explosive preview of the new season. Do you think Shane cheated on Lacey? Let us know in the comments.

Do not miss the new season of Life After Lockup premiering on August 27th only on WEtv.

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